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Note: Looking up a verse in the Koran is easy. Unlike the Bible, the Koran only has one book with 116 chapters. So to look up a passage in this browser just under the chapter and verse. ie. 4:157

The following methods are commonly used to refer to Koran passages:

  1. "4:157" (4 is the chapter and 157 is the verse. This is the preferred method of looking up Koran texts)
  2. "Koran 4:157" ("Koran" refers to the whole book, "4" the chapter and "157" the verse)
  3. "an-Nisa' 4:157" ("an-Nisa'" is the name of the chapter and is not needed, "4" is the number of the chapter, ie chapter 4 is the same as "an-Nisa'")
  4. "Sura 4:157" (sura is an arabic word for "chapter" and is not needed)




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