Encyclopedia of Islam Myths:
The Islamic Myth that Muhammad was a moral example for the world.
Jesus Christ, even Ghandi, were better moral examples by a long shot!

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Muhammad was not a moral example compared to Jesus Christ. We challenge Muslims to tell us one moral principle that Muhammad gave the world that Jesus Christ had not already revealed 600 years earlier. Muslims 100% reject the New Testament as a fiction invented by Apostle Paul. Now if this were true that means the Bible is of human origin not divine. So this allows us to make a second challenge to Muslims. Name one moral concept in the Koran, that is better than what is revealed in the New Testament... a book you mistakenly claim is of human origin. How can a book of human origin like the New Testament, contain a much higher moral standard than the Koran, a book you believe is of divine origin. Frankly Christians are insulted that Muslims would even suggest a person who slaughtered entire caravans for their material goods, is worthy of any moral consideration. Jesus never did any such thing. The blunt truth is that when the Koran is placed side by side with the Bible, the Koran is pale and dark, compared to the wonderful moral light that Jesus Christ gave to the world in passages like Matthew chapters 5-7. We invite Muslims to read these three chapters right now and prove it to themselves that Muhammad fell far short of Jesus when it comes to a moral example.

  1. So much must be said in fairness to Muhammad when he is measured against the Arabs of his time. Muslims, however, claim that he is a model of conduct and character for all mankind. In so doing they present him for judgement according to the standards of enlightened world opinion. Though the world is increasingly becoming one world, it has so far paid scant attention to Muhammad as a moral exemplar. Yet because Muslims are numerous, it will sooner or later have to consider seriously whether from the life and teaching of Muhammad any principles are to be learnt which will contribute to the moral development of mankind. (Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman, W. Montgomery Watt, 1961, p229-235)
  2. My personal view is that Muslims are unlikely to be successful in their attempt to influence world opinion, at least in the sphere of morals. ... But towards convincing Christian Europe that Muhammad is the ideal man, little, indeed nothing, has so far been accomplished. (Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman, W. Montgomery Watt, 1961, p229-235)

 Written by Brother Andrew


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