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Islam Is Repackaged Polytheism: Documentation

Books by Sir William Muir, 1819 - 1905

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Books by Sir William Muir

Click to ViewThe Apology Of Al Kindy Written At The Court Of Al Mâmûn In Defense Of Christianity Against Islam, Circa A.H. 215; A.D. 830, edited and commented by Sir William Muir in 1886 AD.

Click to ViewThe Life of Mahomet: [Vol. 1], [Vol. 2], [Vol. 3], [Vol. 4], Sir William Muir, 1861

Click to ViewThe Caliphate - Its Rise, Decline and Fall Sir William Muir, 1924

Click to ViewThe Mohammedan Controversy, Sir William Muir, 1897

Click to ViewThe Corân: Its Composition and Teaching; And the Testimony It Bears to the Holy Scriptures, Sir William Muir, 1878

About the Author:

 [1819 - 1905]

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