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A. Books Written by Raymund Lull
[One of Lull's biographers states that the works of Lull numbered four thousand. Many of these have been lost. Of his writings in Latin, Catalonian, and Arabic it is said that one thousand were extant in the fifteenth century. Only two hundred and eighty-two were known in 1721 to Salzinger of Mainz, and yet he included only forty-five of these in his collected edition of Lull's works in ten volumes It is disputed whether volumes seven and eight actually appeared. Some of Lull's unpublished works are to be found in the Imperial Library, the libraries of the Arsenal and Ste. Genevieve at Paris, also in the libraries of Angers, Amiens, the Escurial. etc. Most of his books were written in Latin; some first in Catalonian and then translated by his pupils, others only in the Catalonian or in Arabic. In the "Acta Sanctorum," vol. xxvii,, page 640 et seq, we find the following classified catalog of three hundred and twenty-one books by Raymund Lull.] [The bibliography is not included here. Consult the original book by Zwemer for that.]

Raymund Lull

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