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Encyclopedia of Gods, Michael Jordan, Allah, Allat, Manat

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Encyclopedia of Gods, Michael Jordan, Allah, Allat, Manat


Origin Nabataean and Arabic: Derived from the western Semitic god Il.

Known period of worship: circa 300 BC until present.

Synonyms none.

Centre(s) of cult: Mecca [Saudi Arabia].

Art references none.

Literary sources: Qur'an.

The creator god of Islam. Perceived in pre-Islamic times as the creator of the earth and water. Named by the prophet Muhammad as the one true god and given a hundred names or epithets in the Qur'an, ninety-nine of which are known to mankind and accounted on the rosary beads; the final name remains a mystery. No representation of Allah is made in art.

Allat (goddess)

Astral and tutelary goddess. Pre-Islamic northern and central Arabian. One of the three daughters of Allah. At Palmyra she was regularly invoked as a domestic guardian either as Allat or Astarte with whom she is closely linked. At Ta'if she was symbolized in the form of a white granite stone. In Hellenic times she became syncretized with Athene or, according to Herodotus who called her Alilat, with Aphrodite.

Manat (Goddess)

Pre-Islamic... One of the so-called daughters of Allah




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