Quotes from Muslim scholars that document the Polytheistic origin of the symbols, rituals and temples of Islam.

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Library of On-line Books and Quotes of Muslim Scholars.
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Practicing Muslim scholars that document the Polytheistic origin of the symbols, rituals and temples of Islam:

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  1. Click to ViewGuide To The Contents Of The Qur'an, Faruq Sherif, 1995, MuslimClick to View
  2. Click to ViewA Restatement Of The History Of Islam & Muslims, Sayed A. A. Razway, MuslimClick to View
  3. Click to ViewIslam, Isma'il R. Al Faruqi, 1984, MuslimClick to View
  4. Click to ViewThe Holy Qur'an, with commentary, Malik Ghulam Farid, Muslim 1981Click to View
  5. Click to ViewMuhammad the prophet, M. R. M. Abduraheem, 1971, MuslimClick to View
  6. Click to ViewThe Message of the Qur'an, Translated and Explained, Muhammad Asad, 1980Click to View
  7. Click to ViewMakkah And The Holy Mosque, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Washington DC, websiteClick to View
  8. Click to ViewAl-Milal wa al-Nihil, Muhammad ibn 'Abdalkarim al-Sharastani, Muslim, vol. 2 chapter on the opinions of the pre-Islamic Arabs, as cited in al-Fadi, Is the Qur'an Infallible?, p. 122, MuslimClick to View
  9. Click to ViewBulugh al-'Arab fi Ahwal al-Arab, Muhammad Shukri al-Alusi, Vol 1, p 121-122, MuslimClick to View
  10. Click to ViewA Guide to the Contents of the Qur'an, Faruq Sherif, (Reading, 1995), pgs. 21-22., MuslimClick to View
  11. Click to ViewMuhammad The Holy Prophet, Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar (Pakistan), p 18-19, MuslimClick to View
  12. Click to ViewThe Spirit of Islam, Tabbarah, p. 173, MuslimClick to View
  13. Click to ViewThe Sublime Qur'an and Orientalism, Mohammad Khalifa, p. 140, 1983, MuslimClick to View
  14. Click to ViewThe Religion of Islam, Maulana Muhammad Ali, p. 448, 1936, MuslimClick to View
  15. Click to ViewLegal Opinions, Sheikh Sha'rawi, pt. 3, p. 167, MuslimClick to View
  16. Click to ViewThe holy Qur'an, text, translation and commentary, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, 1938, MuslimClick to View


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