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Acknowledgments & Copyright



Firstly, thanks to the Lord who managed to get me to the end despite many impediments. 

Many have helped at various stages and without them this book would not have been possible. I mention a few by first name for various reasons. Their reward is with the Lord. 

Thanks to Stuart who did early and mid-stage proof-reading giving even part of his holiday, made suggestions on my English, set me up for DTP, obtained various materials where I could not go, picked up and set up the new computer. Lastly for setting in motion the final 'shot' onto the Internet in the midst of busyness. 

Also thanks to Nash and Peter. 

To S. who in the very early stages loaned me two Qur'ans (a 1924 Egyptian Arabic Edition reprint and a Swahili translation with Arabic text) after the librarian at Selly Oak College Birmingham forced me out by instituting a charge of £42 Sterling per week to use the library - because the writer spoke to those in Islam of what he was finding in the very early stages. I WILL return them! 

To Keith for some encouragement, suggesting more diagrams, Godly counsel and rebuke. Sorry I couldn't follow more of it. May the Lord make it useful in your hands. 

To Iwan, who spent arduous hours in reading the later text, got many headaches and decided I should read a book on how to write.

To Ken for reading a later version of the text, for the use of his library (thus providing books for extending the Tabi'un and Tab Tabi'un information and the writing the Covenant-Love section), and for having us in his home. To the folk of KNBC for accepting us. 

To Wes for letting me make some printouts. 

To Martin for helping me gain an understanding of conversion to Internet when I 
reached another impasse, and for last minute 'make it work' adjustments after it went up. 

To Jochen for initiating the SRI opportunity on the Internet and other matters.

To Samir for a late read and encouragement.

To Bryan for help in details of the Arabic in the final months.

To those who prayed. 

To those who supported the printing of the book, with special acknowledgement of the precious Brother who responded first - with his generous gift he left no address or phone number. 

To my wife and daughter for their endurance for several years. 

If I have neglected anyone please forgive me. 

Many revisions and additions have been undertaken since being read by others and all responsibility for errors lies with the author.

© Copyright

Brother Mark asserts his right to be known as the author of this work.


The book is being provided at a cost which makes its obtaining well within the means of anyone on the Internet.

However, anyone may download from this Site and store or use what they find here provided that it is done without distorting from the context of the original use and that due acknowledgement is given.

It is expected that the writer's intent to make the content available as cheaply as humanly possible will be upheld by all who use it in any form.

                                                                                - Brother Mark


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