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A Final Call

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What DO You Believe - And Why?

We have examined many evidences.

Each person must decide before the Presence of God Who will Judge the living and the dead, exactly what they indicate. One's Eternity truly depends upon a right decision.

This being so the writer is mindful that a short summary or an analysis of what we have examined would be in order.

In Summary

Islam makes tremendous claims for the Qur'an and itself, these claims appearing insurmountable in terms of refutation. Yet at every step of examination it seems obvious that they have been quite 'refutable'. Have YOU been one who has clung to these claims as the 'reason' you have thought Islam was 'the Way'??

Consider that the Qur'anic text is asserted as 'identical', 'letter for letter world-wide' - but that this is clearly not so. Further, that it is asserted that the 'Divine Hand' is plainly evident in the Arabic which is said to be of such a 'high standard' that it is impossible to be of man - but instead we find spelling mistakes, admissions that Muhammad's scribes did not know how to write properly, and so 'NO' must be translated as 'YES'!

The Qur'an is said to have been revealed in '7 Ahruf' - but no-one knows what they were and even the early scholars had '35 Sayings' as to 'exactly' what they contained!

Not surprisingly, today Islam publicly accepts '7 readings' of the Qur'an - but it admits that the '7 readings' are not the '7 Ahruf'. In fact one must conclude that the present readings are quite simply 'late systems' composed of 'variants', nothing more!

We are told that a major 'Proof' for the text of the Qur'an is the Samarqand MSS (variously said to be in Tashkent or Bukhara) which is said to be 'an original 'Uthmani' copy - yet we have seen how many textual differences there are between it and the modern Arabic version. In fact, in one place the meaning is the opposite!

This pattern just goes on and on - there seems to be absolutely nothing which Islam claims which is true!

The Qur'an is asserted to be the 'Words of God', 'His Eternal Witness' against mankind - yet because of the fact that the '7 readings' are not the '7

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A Final Call

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Ahruf', 'readings' based on admitted scribal errors, and other corruptions, its followers acknowledge openly that they do not know what the 'Words of God' are supposed to be! 

Not only so, but also concerning the true state of these 'Words of God', a man like Maududi found the Qur'an, as it sits, so confusing that he found himself compelled to write an 'Introduction' for the Qur'an in order to warn people that they would find it "baffling" and "confusing", providing "few gems", and that even when one thought one had found a verse (aya) that they understood, it turned out that they didn't actually understand it! 

How can this be 'God's Eternal Witness'? Does God hate the poor normal fellow so much that He would leave him such as this as 'Guidance'!?

But, part of the reason for the confusion is that it is also admitted that the Qur'an on its own is utterly useless, for it is asserted that it is not actually intended to function on its own and does not convey what Islam asserts is a 'revelation' (i.e. a 'Word of God', a 'Message') . In fact it is admittedly 'abrogated' and might as well be thrown away IF the 'correct' Sunnah of Muhammad cannot be identified and interpreted decisively so that when combined with the baffling text of the Qur'an it can provide 'the revelation' - and this, it is admitted, has not been agreed upon and some wonder why this is so if the religion is 'preserved'.

Indeed, some recognise that the Sunnah MUST be preserved for the 'Promised Protection' of the Thikr to be realised (Q15:9). In general Islam assures its people that a great effort was put forward to ensure the Sunnah are reliable, and some even point to early collections being made by Companions. BUT most are NOT told that those early collections were subsequently burnt and the Sunnah forbidden to be collected by 'Umar I, and that this remained so for the first 90 years (until the 14th Caliph 'Umar II , 717- 720 AD!) and that the first collection known to be made was only 138 Ahadith! Not only so, but we even find that some groups refused to obey the order to collect Ahadith believing it wrong!

Can we believe that the people REALLY believed that a precise knowledge of the Sunnah was so 'indispensable' - they neglected its 'purity' for 100 years!?! The Caliph 'Umar couldn't possibly have thought an 'exact' preservation of the Sunnah was necessary to the religion, let alone as 'the other part of the revelation absolutely necessary to understand the Qur'an' - when no-one paid it any mind for 100 years!!!

Next we note that the actual reason for the 'great effort' which we are normally told was put into 'certifying the Ahadith', (an assertion which

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A Final Call

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carries with it the 'unspoken' implication that 'from earliest times our scholars have been at work') was only something expended quite late - at the time the serious collections were attempted and this only came about because certain scholars (like Shafi'i) woke up to the fact that Islam was in confusion and he set about trying to 'systematise' the religion (which now purports it was only the 'revealed law' he was sorting) out of the confusion! 

Further, we find that some several hundred thousand Ahadith were collected, many fabricated, and so the 'great effort' was in fact to sort 'fact' from 'fiction'!!! Today many pass this off as if all it was a vast assortment of the same Ahadith with differing lines of transmission - but some still admit that this was NOT what happened but that they actually accepted only a few thousand out of the several hundred thousand. 

The situation, we are informed, was that after the Ahadith specialists had finished 'sifting' what they thought was 'true' from what was 'false', what remained conflicted with one another and with the Qur'an in a terrible way!!

Not only so, but the 'Practice' differed from place to place...!

And so it goes, on and on. 

From all this it is evident the followers of Islam are completely without a certifiable Qur'an or religion - they follow a mirage.

In truth the writer recently encountered a word which he thinks fits the situation of the Qur'an and Islam perfectly. The word is 'phantasmagoria'.

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A Final Call

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Dr. Bucaille in his The Bible the Quran and Science (p. 239 French edition) presents the definition as "a shifting series of illusions or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or as created by the imagination." (see The Qur'an and The Bible..., Campbell, p. 205)

One cannot think of a better description of what we find in Islam.

Yet, THIS, we are always being told, is the 'superior religion', the 'Final Revelation'. THIS, we are told, had come to 'replace' what had become confused or 'corrupted'!

As we gaze on this 'phantasmagoria' of Islam we can only shake our heads in dismay, and wonder that a people can overlook or even point the finger accusingly at the Gospel records of the Companions and Tabi'un of Jesus which are so well attested.

Why would anyone reject the clear testimony of the complete written language, and complete content of the Companion and Tabi'un Gospel records for a 'mirage' - worse, for a 'phantasmagoria'? 

That people can ignore the Witness of the True God Who set out His generous Way of Salvation so plainly that even the simplest of persons could understand the Way is desperately sad.

Why do people believe materials that tell them they will suffer the torment of the grave, and suffer the fire of Hell so that their brains boil or their bodies burn black? And all the while the True God offers them His Sure Salvation which is not only devoid of such torment but which frees men from such fears - all this through faith in what Jesus did on the cross. 

Why do people believe an ulema who alone decide what the Qur'an does or does not say to them in light of what other disputable Sources do or do not say while that same ulema draw attention away from themselves and point and say 'look at the Christians, they have ministers over them and they decided what they believe - but not you! Islam doesn't have such things!'. How could anyone believe this?

Why do people chose to believe men like Maududi when they tell them that the details of Muhammad's life in the Sources are 'like it happened yesterday' when it is obviously not so.

'Details of Muhammad's life'? Nothing recorded earlier than ibn Ishaq's work exists - and many don't like his details!

Why do people want to place that alongside the 4 all-encompassing life-records as set down by the Companions and Tabi'un of Jesus which relate the teachings and actions of Jesus? No-one can be uncertain as to which transmits the religion more reliably. 

Further, the letters of the Tabi'un and Tab Tabi'un of Jesus from 100AD cite passages of these Gospel records and of many Companion letters indicating they were known world-wide, and in their testimony is a witness to their early existence and unchanged doctrinal content.

It does not take much thought to recognise that if you want to put your Hope of Eternal Salvation on the more reliable record - base it on the Gospel records.

Your Decision

Dear people of Islam, there is an urgent need for you to decide these matters before the Throne of Heaven. You may die today! The Judgement Day is not far off and many of you are satisfied with playing 'religious games about Heaven and Hell', playing the 'debate' game.


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