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All other discussion pertains directly to the content of the Arabic texts of the Qur'an, as are mostly freely available among the followers of Islam. These include:

1/ Turkish version, Arabic only, printed 1909 in Egypt.

2/ The Royal Cairo Edition ('Egyptian text'), Arabic only - 1952 reprint of the 1924 text.

3/ Taj texts: #23 printed at Karachi 1984, Arabic only; #119A, Arabic only.

4/ The Holy Qur'an Transliteration in Roman Script, 1988, Idara Isha'at-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd., New Dehli; with Indian Arabic text.

5/ Warsh Texts - (a) 1964 printed in Egypt for distribution in Syria and Lebanon; Arabic only; al-Azhar permit 15-1. 
                        - (b) different printing of same text as above; obtained in Morocco; Arabic only; al-Azhar permit 15-1. 

6/ Iranian (Isfahani) text, Arabic only; no date, Islamic Education center, MD, USA. Purchased  from a Shia'a distributor in UK.

7/ The Glorious Koran, M. Pickthall translation paralleled with 1924 (slightly Indianised) Egyptian Edition; reprint of the 1938 Hyderabad publication; George Allen and Unwin.

8/ The Noble Qur'an, A. Yusuf Ali translation with Arabic text, 1985, Dar-us-Salam 

9/ The Mushaf al-Madinah An-Nabawiyah, 1990, King Fahd Holy Qur'an Printing Complex; Yusuf Ali translation with 1985 Edition of the so-called Mushaf al-Madinah Arabic text.
10/ The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an, A. Yusuf Ali translation with the Mushaf Al-Madinah Arabic text, 1995, Amana Corporation.

11/ The Holy Qur'an, A. Yusuf Ali translation with Arabic text, 1975, Islamic Foundation.

12/ The Holy Qur'an, trans. A. Yusuf Ali with Arabic text, 1983, Amana Corporation.

13/ Qurani Takatifu, Swahili translation of Sh. Abdullah Saleh A-Farsy, with Arabic text [a  hybrid of the #23 and 119A Taj texts from Karachi], 1974, Islamic Foundation, Kenya.

14/ The Holy Qur'an, trans. A. Yusuf Ali, 1993, Islamic Propagation Centre, using a Taj Arabic text from Karachi.

15/ The Holy Qur'an, Arabic/English, Maulana Muhammad Ali, 1991, Amadiyyah Anjuman [Lahore Branch of Amadiyyah].

16/ Holy Qur'an, Translation of the Qur'an-e-Majid, trans. M. Shakir, with Arabic text, no date, Ansariyan Publication, Iran. Courtesy of the Iranian Embassy, London.

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