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It should be that when every true Believer in the death of Jesus Christ for Sin follows Jesus' command and shares the Message of the Gospel with his friends in Islam that the Message should be given a credible hearing. 

Yet our friends in Islam seem preconditioned against hearing. They seem caught behind a veil of misinformation both concerning the Qur'an and the Gospel. 

It is hoped that this book will rectify that blockage, and that it will open the door to honest communication between those in Islam and true Christians. That may seem a heady objective, but it is the writer's sincere hope. 

It should not be viewed as 'an attack', but as a certifying of beliefs and assertions. 

Examine it. Consider it. Pray (duah) over what the evidence proclaims. Make your decision on the Way to Heaven or Hell based on evidence, not on misinformation.

May the Lord God of Abraham give the reader the guidance he seeks.

As for the writer, he can make no apology for the deficiencies of the work, for the task was undertaken knowing his personal inadequacies.

While hoping to find something useful to use in speaking to the followers of Islam the writer came upon the article by Adrian Brockett 'The Value of the Hafs and Wars transmissions for the Textual History of the Qur'an', and subsequently read Brockett's Ph.D.. These provided the knowledge from which the writer was able to proceed in investigation of the Qur'anic texts despite his own great inadequacies. Upon reading Islamic materials on the Qur'an and Islam, the entire perspective became enlarged to include many other matters.

The book is simply a compilation of what the writer came to understand, mostly over the period 1994-1999. Through this period many things were already written up when new material was encountered. What began as 80 pages has become more than 500, yet the reader should not feel intimidated for some 90 pages are Appendices and there are also many full page diagrams and reproductions. Rearrangement was a constant matter. The Samarqand MSS was last, except for those late insertions of materials from the Internet which date into Sept. / Oct. 1999. This is really a '2nd edition' compared to what was originally posted on the Internet in June 1999.

The writer does not claim to be a scholar on Islam. Neither is the book written on an 'academic' level for the writer is not an 'academic'. But then most of us are not. The purpose is simply to present evidence to meet the claims made by many in Islam concerning the Gospels, the Qur'an and Islam. Some are looking for clarity on these matters knowing that Heaven and Hell and Judgement Day are a reality and they put their hope in God that others (even the weakest) will help them by pointing the Way.

Concerning the content on the Arabic side, it is written to record the evidence on a simple level since most readers, indeed most in Islam, don't 'know' Arabic at all. When there has been more than a simple presentation of actual letter comparison the writer has consulted some who are knowledgeable in the language to ensure the accuracy. Such persons have read the entire text. Do not be 'outwitted' about the overall value of what is found herein.

May the Lord make it useful For Those Who Seek Truth.

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