What is wrong with this picture?
#5 What kind of body is this in the picture that has no flesh or blood?

1 Cor 15:50-51 flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God

Lk 24:36-39 Spirit has not flesh and bones

1 Cor 15:35-54 dead raised imperishable, living changed to imperishable

JW's will say that they will have spiritual flesh with no blood when they read this verse... Nice try! The whole idea of this section is that we will be spiritual, non-physical beings totally unlike our present form.

1 Jn 3:2 Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we shall be. We know that, when He appears, we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him just as He is.

Phil 3:20-21 we will be transformed with great power to be exactly like Jesus

Notice that John the apostle had seen Jesus Christ AFTER HIS RESURRECTION! Yet John said he had no idea what we will look like in the resurrection! Obviously when Jesus ascended, his heaven-to-earth transformation was reversed (Phil 2:6-10) and he was translated back into the form of God that he grasped in his hand before being born into Mary. (Jn 17:5)

2 Cor 5:1-8 absent from body...home with the Lord

If man is wholly material, then how could Paul or any other Christian be absent from the body when they die, yet with the Lord. Obviously, man is able to consciously survive death! (See rich man and Lazarus in Lk 16 for example!)

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