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New Converts only!!!

New Convert Crisis help-line:

Dear New Convert
If the "organization" rigidly taught many things to new converts 25 years ago as "God's unchanging truth," but reject them today as apostate, how can you trust what they rigidly teach you as "God's unchanging truth" today? Today's veteran Witnesses converted 25 years ago will be disfellowshipped for continuing to believe "old light"! click here to see

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An informed Witness, is soon to be an Ex-WITNESS!!! Enter the information age! 

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Click to ViewJehovah's Witnesses are under strict information control

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We speak the truth in Love...

If Witnesses have the truth and nothing to fear from self-investigation, why are they officially forbidden from reading any materials that cross-examine their doctrines?

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Click to ViewClick to ViewAre Jehovah's Witnesses merely a replica of the Roman Catholic church?

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