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Master Archeological Bible study Map
High resolution laser quality maps. 600X600 DPI
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Master Archeological Bible study Map

1.     This map is the first of its kind. It marks most of the important Bible geography and towns on a 4km resolution satellite map with the latest archeological information. Unlike almost all maps in the back of your Bible or in Bible programs, the placements of locations are very precise.

2.     If you are planning on traveling to Israel to visit for vacation or excavation work, this is the perfect tour map. This Tour Map of Israel includes almost every important city and location in the Bible. This Israel tour Map of the Promised Land will be very helpful to you. If you are planning on travelling to the Holy Land of Canaan, which was renamed Palestine by Hadrian in 135 AD, this tour map will bring great insight to your visit to Israel.

2.     Click on image below to view free ultra-high resolution. (Huge: 5 Megs)

3.     Buy this map for $50. You get a 200 meg jpg file that you take to a sign shop or printer. Free lifetime updates. I supply only the electronic graphic file. This map is the result of 10 visits to Israel and has been an ongoing project since 2005 AD. There is nothing like it in the world, given its accuracy. It is the only map of its kind that not only has the Bible city name, but also the current archeological location. This map is identical to the one below except it is 10x the resolution we have on line. Amazing and must be seen! This map is a must for churches with projection systems or private individuals who want to have the most amazing Bible map they will ever own! Send an email at the link below for instructions on how to purchase the map for use. Take a look at the smaller map by clicking on the map below. You will get the map in two versions: with satellite background and without satellite background, as seen below in a 1/10th resolution format. The map is photographic quality about 7 feet high by five feet wide. Have it printed full size and use it in Bible classes or mount it on your wall. Keep it on your computer and use it as a reference when you read the Bible. You are not allowed to put the entire map or parts of the map on line or in the internet even if you pay for it. It is for off line use only by individuals, churches and universities. If you don't want to pay the $50, use the identical lower resolution map I supply free of charge.

4.     Any corrections, updates, comments and suggestions are welcome at the link below.

5.     Click on the map with and without satellite background to view.

6.     Enjoy!


By Steve Rudd: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.

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