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Abraham's Journey: 2096-2065 BC
Genesis 11-13

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Abram’s Migration

“Thus says the YHWH, the God of Israel, ‘From ancient times your fathers lived beyond the River,  namely, Terah, the father of Abraham and Nahor, and they served other gods.  Then I took your father Abraham from beyond the River, and led him through all the land of Canaan,  and multiplied his descendants...” (Joshua 24:2-3)


1.      In 2296 BC, God confounds the languages of mankind at the Tower of Babel. (Gen 11)

2.      Terah is born in 2230 BC who speaks Hebrew and worships idols.

3.      Egypt is founded and the construction of the Pyramids begins in 2200 BC.

4.      Terah lives in Ur of Chaldea, where the tower of Babel is located.

5.      Abram (2166 BC), Nahar & Haran are all born to Terah in Ur of Chaldea.

6.      Haran, (Abram’s 5 yr younger brother & Lot’s father), dies in Ur.

7.      Terah, intends to move to Canaan,but while en-route, founds Haran, after his dead son Haran, 1000 km NW and he dies there in 2091 BC (205 yrs).

8.      When Terah is 145 years old, God makes 3 promises (nation, land, seed) to Abram at age 75 years old in Haran and tells him to move to Canaan.

9.      Abram migrates to Shechem & builds an altar after God repeats promises.

10.  Abram pitches his tent between Bethel and Ai and builds an altar.

11.  Abram moves to Egypt because of drought and sees the Pyramids.

12.  Abram returns to altar near Ai, Lot moves east & God repeats promises.

13.  Abram settles in Hebron, by the oaks of a man named Mamre. 

Steve Rudd

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