Myths about the submission of the wife to her husband

  1. "Submission is based upon ancient, old fashioned, outmoded cultural. This is modern age. You are out dated. How dare you talk that way about women. Get with it, this is the 21st century!"
    Answer: There are 8 reasons why women must submit regardless of culture:
    Creation order: Man was created first, woman second: 1 Timothy 2:13
    Creation origin: Man and all creation was created by God directly out of dust, whereas woman was created through the man's rib.: Genesis 2:22
    Man named woman: Adam named the animals and Eve, and was to rule over them. Genesis 2:19; 1:28; 2:23
    Delegation principle: The prohibition to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, was made directly by God to Adam. Adam, in turn relayed what God said to Eve. Genesis 2:16-18
    Woman sinned first: 1 Timothy 2:14; Genesis 3:1
    God rebuked Adam first after they ate the forbidden fruit showing his headship: Genesis 3:9
    (7) Paul pointed Christians to the
    Mosaic Law that was 1500 earlier and a different culture: 1 Cor.14:34
    (8) Peter pointed Christians to
    Sarah, 2000 years earlier and a very different culture: 1 Pet. 3:5-6.
  2. "Paul was bachelor, a woman hater and was angry at women because he was ugly and no girl wanted to marry him." (You reject the Bible itself, since Paul wrote 1/2 the New Testament. Paul's answer to these critics: Gal.1:11-12; I Cor.14:37)
  3. "Submission was only required under Old Testament curse, but removed by Christ." (False, since N.T. letters written to the church command submission! N.T. submission because of Adam & Eve, 1 Tim.2:12, 13-14. Related curse alive and well, 1 Tim.2:15; Cf.Gen.3:16.)
  4. "It is the husbands duty to make his wife submit to him." (His only duty is to unconditionally love his wife with no control over the wife's submission. It is the wife's sole duty to submit herself to her husband as scripture says.)
  5. "A wife would enjoy submitting if the husband was perfect." (Submitting to a perfect husband is still an unpleasant curse! Wife's submission is a curse, Gen.3:16. Promise will enjoy? Idea becomes sinful accusation against husband. "Since I don't enjoy submitting, he must be doing it wrong.")
  6. "Bible submission, if followed literally, would force the wife to obey the husband even when he orders her to sin against God." Acts 5:28-29
  7. When a husband treat his wife in a sinful way, she can quote Acts 5:28-29 "Obey God rather than man", and she doesn't have to submit to him under such circumstances. (the passage only applies when the husband asks the wife to commit sin, not if he is sinning against her. Examples: Husband asks wife to lie, steal, wife-swap, orgies, prostitution)
  8. "The wife doesn't have to submit to her husband during those times when he treats her in a cruel, thoughtless, unloving or un-Christ-like way. (1 Peter 2:18-19 + 3:1)
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    Wives commanded to submit to un-Christ-like husbands:
    A. The wife must submit to her abusive husband "in the same way" that a slave submits to an abusive master: 1 Peter 2:18 + 3:1
    B. No husband is sinless and if a wife need not obey her husband because he sins, it effectively nullifies the command to submit.
    C. Masters are to be just, fair, Col.4:1. But if not, submission is still required: 1 Peter 2:18

  10. Wives can raise their voice and yell at their sinful husbands: 1 Peter 3:4 (Wives who address their husbands above a "quiet, respectful, submissive, whisper", at any time.)
  11. "Submission means the husband treats his wife like a slave." (The husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. The wife is to submit, in the same way a slave submits to a master and Christ submitted to God)
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    The Bible commands wives to submit like a slave, the husband is commanded to love as an equal:
    Wives' submission compared to slaves, 1 Pet.2:18; 3:1
    Kind of submission specified, Eph.5:22, 23-24.

  13. "Husband to submit as much as wife, Eph.5:21." (Would effectively eliminate all submissive roles: Child/Parent; Slave/ Master; Christian/Elder.)
  14. Submission of a woman hinders her potential as an individual. (See Prov 31)
  15. "Bible submission means a wife must endure physical beatings by her husband." (The man is sinning and she should call the police and/or flee for safety until the danger is gone. But she must return and remain in submission to him, since only for his adultery may she divorce him.)
  16. The Bible says the wife is the manager of the house so she has top authority inside the house. (The wife may be the manager of the house, but the husband is the manager of the wife. The husband has authority over everything including, if he so chose to, the arrangement of dishes in the cupboards, the shelf where the milk is placed in the fridge, which laundry detergent to buy, paint colour on the walls, what will be hung on the walls, the colour of the wife's shoes etc.)

 Myth that a woman has special needs in marriage that the man does not

Myth that a woman has special needs in marriage that the man does not:

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  1. "Wives have own personal 'needs' " (Contrast 1 Tim 6:8)
  2. "Need confidant." Often rationalization for slander. Matt.18:15, 16, specifies.
  3. "Need own space, time, money." Rationalization for refusal to submit. Eph.5:24 specifies.
  4. "Need to get away." Rationalization for desertion. I Cor.7:5 specifies.
  • "Need my own identify." Imagine sentiment from Church; from servant.
  • "Need to find out who I am." Whoever you were, to be "put off." Now different, Eph.4:22-24.

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