Wives must submit to their husbands!

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The submission of a wife is a management position, not slavery!

The wife must subject herself to her husband by placing him in the position of leadership a husband cannot force his wife into subjection, she controls this.

Definition of Subjection/submission: Greek "hupotasso" a military term, to rank under (Vine)

Few subjects create emotional stirs like that of a wife being subject to her husband. Yet the Bible is crystal clear. For some women, truly accepting this one Bible teaching may very well be the ultimate test of their faith in God. This subject is greatly misunderstood by the worldly and Christian alike. Many misconceptions as to what Bible subjection really means for the wife exist. It is usually interpreted to be equivalent to slavery. Yet when you compare the worlds view of the wife's subjection to her husband to the Bible's instructions for the literal master-slave relationship, the latter would be bliss!

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We need to understand what the Bible means by subjection rather than the world's "street talk". Then God will keep the rains from leaking into our homes!

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Click to ViewBible reasons why a wife must submit to her husband regardless of culture

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The wife was placed in submission to her husband after "the fall": Gen 3:16; 1 Ti 2:11-15

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Headship/submission relationship provides protection & security

God placed the woman into the care of the man. She is sheltered by his provisions in exactly the same way her children are sheltered by her provisions. A woman who truly subjects herself to her husband actually gains security and contentment in the same way her own children feel secure and content in her care. The husband likewise subjects himself to Christ and gains security as he casts his anxiety on Christ, knowing that his needs will be met by his head. The focus of submission therefore, is not who the boss is, but a relationship of mutual trust.

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Gen 3:16

Eph 5:22-24

Col 3:18

Tit 2:5

1 Pet 3:1-7

1 Cor 11:3


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