Wife's complaints about her husband

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"But you've

never met

my husband!"

  1. He won't take out the garbage
  2. He won't cook.
  3. He won't clean up the house
  4. He won't do the dishes
  5. He won't make the bed
  6. He won't do the laundry
  7. He won't take me out to restaurants enough
  8. He won't cut the grass or weed the garden
  9. He won't shingle the leaky roof.
  10. He won't paint the house.
  11. He doesn't give me enough money
  12. He won't have sex with me when I ask
  13. He doesn't buy me enough clothes.
  14. There is not enough food in the house
  15. He won't help me discipline the kids
  16. He doesn't participate in family bible studies.
  17. He tells me how long to grow my hair and what colour to die it.
  18. He has hold me to get a job so I can support him while he stays home and does house work.
  19. He tells me how to arrange the dishes in the cupboard.
  20. He tells me where to hang pictures on the wall.

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