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Who are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Truth: 10 tribes have been assimilated into Assyria after 722 BC, never to return.

  1. Mormons believe that North American Indians are one of the 10 lost tribes.
  2. Worldwide church of God, Plain Truth Magazine, believes they are descendants of Great Britain. This doctrine is called "British Israelism".
  3. Mormons believe that Ezek 37 prophecies the history of these tribes

Jn 10:16

These sheep

Other sheep not of this fold

Mormons say:

Jews in Palestine

"stick of Judah"

one of the 10 lost tribes: North American Indians

"stick of Joseph"

JW's say:

1st class Jehovah's Witnesses that get to heaven- the 144,000. 2nd class Witnesses who are banished to a physical existence on planet earth.

The Truth

Jesus spoke of Jews Jesus spoke of Gentiles

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