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Historical inaccuracy of the Book of Mormon

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A. Mormon archaeological argument that proves the historical accuracy of B of M

  1. The Book of Mormon claims to be a history of ancient peoples inhabiting Central America until 421 A. D.
  2. No one in 1830 (when the Book of Mormon was published) had any idea of the existence of the great cities and ancient civilizations which once inhabited Central America
  3. Archaeologists and other researchers after 1830 confirmed that such ancient civilizations and cities, similar to those described in the Book of Mormon, did exist.
  4. Therefore, this shows that the Book of Mormon is accurate and must have been translated by the power of God as Joseph Smith claimed.

B. Argument #2: The B of M reveals new ideas about the origin of N.A. Indians

1. The following books about the ruins in Central America and the origin of the Indians were in print prior the publishing of the book of Mormon:

2. Smith himself had knowledge of the ancient Indian cultures prior to first seeing the gold Nephi Plates. Joseph Smith's mother, Lucy Mack Smith, said of her son prior to his first seeing the gold Nephi Plates:

C. Argument #3: Archaeologists confirm the historical content of the B of Mormon

1. Statements by the Smithsonian Institution and the National Geographic Society:

2. Statements made by Mormon archaeologists:

Book of Mormon

Holy Bible

No Mormon cities have been located using B of M

Most Bible cities have been located with Bible.

No Mormon names have been found in inscriptions

Many Bible names have been found in inscriptions

Archaeologists have never successfully used the B of M as a guide in locating ancient ruins.

Archaeologists have and still do successfully use the Bible as a guide in locating ancient ruins.

The B of M was translated from "reformed Egyptian". Nothing on the western hemisphere has been found that even remotely resembles Egyptian. Officially "reformed Egyptian" doesn't exist.

The Bible was translated from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. These languages are taught in today's universities.

There are no manuscripts or "reformed Egyptian" writings available. None of the "gold Nephite plates" exist to examine and compare the English translation of the B of M.

The English Bible is supported by thousands of Greek & Hebrew manuscripts along with at least 2 compete copies of the Bible from 300AD. All manuscripts are available to public at any time.

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