The Mormon Church

The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

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Overview of the Mormon church

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A. "Book of Mormon", 1830. "Doctrine & Covenants", "Pearl of Great Price".

B. Cross section of selected doctrines taught:

  1. Mormons believe that God continues to reveal new things till return of Christ.
  2. Theistic Evolution: As man now is, God once was, as God is now man may become.
  3. God is not a spirit but has body of flesh & bones like a man, D&C 130:22; Moses 6:9
  4. Polygamy on earth (<1925) and marriage in heaven.
  5. God had sex with Mary to conceive Jesus Mary had actual sexual union with God.
  6. The Mormon hope is to take his may wives to populate another planet just like God & Jesus did to planet earth.
  7. Mormon husbands control whether each of their many celestial wives raise from dead.
  8. Use water instead of fruit of vine for the Lord's supper every week.
  9. They baptize on behalf of dead people in order to save them. (They are world leaders in genealogical research because of their view of baptizing the dead.)
  10. They believe that the vast majority of mankind will be saved in some way from hell.
  11. A video is available against Mormonism, "God Makers I" (Godmakers II is error ridden).

C. 89 different sects but 2 main groups: "Utah LDS" & "Missouri Reformed LDS"

  1. A court ruling in 1870 declared that the RLDS were the "true & lawful successor" of the original 1830 church established by Joseph Smith.
  2. The main division is over who was the rightful successor of Joseph Smith when he died. His son, Joseph Smith III (Missouri), as Smith II prophesied, or Brigham Young (Utah)?
  3. The "inspired" Doctrine & Covenants book is very different that the RLDS & LDS use.

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