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Christian's meeting places in the first century 30-100AD and the
Development of Church Buildings

A. The primary meeting place of Christians in the Bible was the house:

1. In houses:

a. Houses: Acts 12:12; Rom 16:5,14,15; 1 Cor 16:19: Col 4:15; Philemon 2

b. In upper rooms of houses: Mk 14:13-15 + Acts 1:13

c. Third floor of a house: Acts 20:7-9

2. In the Jewish temple: Acts 2:46

3. In a school: Acts 19:9

B. The development of formal church buildings:

1. First possible church building we have record of is between 123-136 AD

a. An elder named Isaac built one which was destroyed in a flood in 202AD

b. structure likely didn't differ architecturally from a domestic house

2. Not till the time of Constantine (300AD) do we find formal church buildings

C. Are church owned buildings acceptable?

1. Divine authority for buildings is within the command to assemble: Heb 10:25

2. God doesn't care where we meet... as long as we meet

3. He has left the decision to rent, own or meet in a home up to us.


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