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"Will A Man Rob God?"
Malachi 3:8

1. "Rob" defined.

a. Dictionary Definition; Oxford American Dictionary:

"take property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force ...

deprive (someone or something) of something needed, deserved..."

b. Man cannot rob God like the first definition, Matt.6:19

c. Man can and does rob God in second way.

2. OT is our "tutor," Gal.3:24. For our learning, Rom.15:4.

I. God Has Always Required Sacrifices

A. Giving In The Mosaic Age

2. Instructions to farmers:

a. Gleaning, Lev.19:9. Could distinguish stingy & generous.

b. Firstfruits, Ex.22:29-30. Always required the first & best. (Could redeem children) How much of first fruits?

c. Every 7 years-plant nothing; Sabbath of years.

3. Free Will Offering, Deut.16:10. None Empty, Ex.23:15

a. Amount left to liberality of giver.

b. Some had to be restrained from giving, Ex.36:6.

c. What caused such action? Often demonstrated weak faith?

1) Attitude: interested in end result; were giving to God.

2) When God's children are taught, usually respond.

4. Many, many sacrifices required: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly, Tri-annually, Annually.

5. Summary of Offerings:

First Fruits, Deut.27:30

Free-Will Offering, Deut.16:10

Payment Of Vows, Lev.29:9, 28

General Thank Offerings, Lev.22:29

Guilt Offering, Lev.22:29

6. Tithing (Was in addition to offerings, Mal.3:8).

a. Regular tithe, Num.18:21.

b. Double tithe every 3 years, Deut.14:28-29.

7. All laws in effect during period of Judges, before taxes. Taxes & Alms were in addition, Deut.15:9.

8. Total? gleaning, first fruits, free will offerings, multitude of sacrifices & Tithe. Estimates from 20% - 40%.

9. Result when served faithfully? Starve or prosper? Mal.3:10 Same promises duplicated in N.T., Lk.6:38; II Cor.9:8-10, 11

10. Principles unchanged but scope larger, "Better."

 B. Giving In The Christian Age

1. Mentioned perhaps as often as any other subject, Matt. (33); Mk. (20); Lk.(53); Jn.(17)

2. Principles taught in the Corinthian letters.

Regularly, I Cor.16:1-2.

Proportionately, I Cor.16:1-2.

Cheerfully, II Cor.9:7 (ICor.13:3).

Purposefully, II Cor.9:7.

Responsively, II Cor.8:3-4,

Confidently, II Cor.9:6, 8, 10.

II. So, What Is Required Today?

A. Must give "liberally," Rom.12:6-8. What does that mean?

B. Divine principle governing responsibility:

1. When much is given, much is required, Lk.12:48.

2. Much has been given, Heb:8:6;

3. Will not escape if neglect great salvation, Heb.2:1-3.

C. Law of Moses, 20-40%. (Obligations, nation wide - no evang.)

D. Law of Christ??? (Obligations world wide - evangelize world)

1. They lived in the shadow. We live in the blazing noonday.

2. NT Examples: Barnabas, Poor widow, Macedonians

3. Paul says is proof (or refutation) of sincerity, II Cor.8:24


1. Malachi's charge justified. All is God's, I Cor.10:26; I Chron.29:14

2. If believe God's promises to bless, will not steal, Lk.6:38. Many have faith, but is a dead faith, Js.2:26

3. Too many are like those whom Ezekiel described, Ez.33:31-32

4. Many others are thrilling examples of a live faith.

 Don Patton

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