Bible Prophecy Fulfilled: Messianic Re-enactment Ritual of Water Baptism




1.      Baptism in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins is the fulfillment of many Old Testament Messianic prophecies.

a.       This makes water baptism fulfilled messianic prophecy from the Old Testament.

2.      These messianic prophecies were not understood as such until after the fact.

a.       Nobody before the time of Jesus connected the crossing of the Red Sea or the flood waters of Noah’s ark with water baptism.

b.      Nobody understood at the time Jesus was crucified and raised the third day that this even would become prophetic of being buried and rising from the death when you are water baptized.

3.      Water baptism is actually a reenactment ritual, where the action of being immersed, rehearses a past historic event.


A. 5 Reenactment Rituals of Baptism

1.      Flood waters: 1 Pe 3:20-21

2.      Circumcision: Col 2:11-12

3.      Red Sea: 1 Cor 10:1-4

4.      Tabernacle bronze wash basin to enter Holy place: Acts 2:38; 22:16

5.      Death Burial, Resurrection of Christ: Rom 6:3-4


B. Jewish Origin of Christian Baptism: 280 BC

1.      The tabernacle laver associated water with ritual purity.

2.      lepers had to be sprinkled 7 times: Lev 14:7

3.      Elisha had Naaman the leper immerses 7 times in Jordan: 2 Ki 5:10

4.      Synagogues began in Alexandria in 280 BC and every one had a full immersion baptistry called a Mikveh. Every Sabbath, every man and woman would immerse then take a white robe upon leaving the Jewish baptistry, being ritually pure and enter the synagogue. All inside the synagogue were dressed in white robes, symbolizing purity.

5.      In 18 BC, Herod builds the Pool of Siloam as part of the new Jerusalem Temple. It was the main Mikveh for the temple. Each Jew would descend down the stairs from the temple, be immersed, put on a white robe, then climb back up and enter the temple 600 meters away.

6.      In AD 26 John the Baptist baptized in the Jordan.

7.      3000 were baptized on Pentecost AD 33 for the remission of their sins in Acts 2. Most likely they were baptized in the Pool of Siloam.


C. Water Baptism Midrashic Messianic Prophecies

  1. Baptized into Christ, baptized into Body, the church:
    1. Gal 3:27
    2. Rom 6:3
    3. 1 Cor 12:13
  2. All spiritual blessings in Christ’s body, the church
    1. Eph 1:3
    2. Eph 1:22-23
  1. New Creature: 2 Cor 5:17
    1. New People: Isa 43:18-21
    2. Born Again: Jn 3:3-5
    3. Resurrection: Rom 6:4
  1. Salvation clothes: Gal 3:27
    1. Rev 19:8; Zech 3:4; Isa 52:1; 61:10;
    2. 2 Chro 6:41; Ps 132:9-18
    3. White cloaks worn after exiting the Synagogue Mikveh. Synagogues began in Alexandria in 280 BC.
  1. Ritual Purity, washed, forgiveness of sins: Acts 2:38: 22:16
    1. Noah’s Flood: 1 Pe 3:20-21 (sins of entire world washed away)
    2. Circumcised: Col 2:11-12 (removal of sin)
    3. Tabernacle Laver: Ritual purity seven times:

                                                               i.      Water 7x: Lev 14:7

                                                             ii.      Naaman immersed 7 times: 2 Ki 5:10

                                                           iii.      Ezek 36:25-27

    1. Synagogue Mikveot was for ritual purity. 3000 were likely baptized in the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem which was one big ritual purity mikveh.




D. Five Metaphors of Water Baptism


1.      Circumcision: Col 2:11-12

2.      Burial: Rom 6:3-4

3.      New Birth: Jn 3:3-5

4.      Washing: Acts 22:16

5.      Clothing: Gal 3:27



 By Steve Rudd 2020: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.


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