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"Sorry! You have a broken brain!"
Thousands are labeled "biologically-impaired" for the rest of their life because psychiatrists claim they have a genetic error in their DNA and a biological/chemical imbalance in their brain that cannot be fixed!

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Psychiatry damages society and individuals
The mental health system causes harm to both individuals and society as a whole.


  1. The vast majority of psychiatrists today hold to the biologic/chemical view of man. They reject the Christian view that man has a spirit. The do not believe that man's thoughts and memories consciously survive the physical destruction of the brain. (physical death).
  2. Their anti-Biblical view leads them to the faith that all mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances, genetics and therefore a broken, malfunctioning brain.
  3. These chemical imbalances are a myth, with no science to prove they exist, only theory!
  4. Neuroleptic and anti-psychotic drugs do not fix this imagined "chemical imbalance" but merely tranquilize and stupefy.
  5. They are societies way of "drugging you into submission" when you are unable to behave yourself.
  6. In 1806 AD, Pinel rejected that insanity was caused by brain diseases. He correctly noted that the doctors of his day viewed the insane as incurable because they incorrectly viewed the problem as physical. He notes that the insane were mistreated because the doctors of the day had the etiology wrong about the causes of insanity. He notes that his kinder, gentler moral treatments worked much better! "Derangement of the understanding is generally considered as an effect of an organic lesion of the brain, consequently as incurable; a supposition that is, in a great number of instances, contrary to anatomical fact. Public asylums for maniacs have been regarded as places of confinement for such of its members as are become dangerous to the peace of society. The managers of those institutions, who are frequently men of little knowledge and less humanity, have been permitted to exercise towards their innocent prisoners a most arbitrary system of cruelty and violence; while experience affords ample and daily proofs of the happier effects of a mild, conciliating treatment, rendered effective by steady and dispassionate firmness." (A Treatise on Insanity, Philippe Pinel, 1806 AD)
  7. (A Treatise on Insanity, Philippe Pinel, 1806 AD)

A. The label of a "genetic misfit" and "broken brain"!

  1. This label actually causes depression, anxiety, hopelessness and suicide!
  2. "Attributing a medical diagnosis to a healthy person does not transform him into a bodily-medically ill person, whereas attributing a psychiatric diagnosis to him does indeed transform him into a mentally-psychiatrically ill person. A nephrologist may declare Smith to be suffering from uremia. But if Smith does not, in fact, have kidney failure, then the diagnosis will not make him sick. It will make the diagnosis erroneous. In contrast, a psychiatrist may declare Smith to be suffering from schizophrenia. Regardless of Smith's behavior or mental state, the diagnosis will transform him into a "schizophrenic," or at the very least into a "schizophrenic in remission."" (Psychiatry: The Science of Lies, Thomas Szasz, 2008 AD, p 15)
  3. It causes huge problems when people are told they have a chemical problem in their brain or a genetic disorder. It is like breaking your neck and becoming a quadriplegic because there is no fix or solution. Drugs to not help correct the imbalance and nothing can fix the genetics!
  4. There are several cases were marriages have ended in divorce because the one diagnosed with the mental illness was told the cause was "bad genes". The person then refused to have children with their spouse. This became a deal breaker for the marriage. This is an example of how modern psychiatry destroys society and harms individuals.
  5. Sometimes it is the person diagnosed with "bad genes" that initiates the divorce. Sometimes it is the "normal" spouse who fears conceiving "genetically tainted offspring" who initiates the divorce, who fear their future children will end up in a mental hospital and be mentally ill.
  6. Being labeled as a "biologic misfit" with no cure, is like being diagnosed with aids. There is no cure and you become a huge risk to either marry or continue to be married to. Marriages are called off! Divorces result!
  7. The deviant sex practitioner promotion community (LGBT: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) have a long history of grossly misleading themselves and the general public into believing that their problems have their origin in genetics. There is no scientific evidence that deviant sex practitioners are made that way by genetics. You are not born gay, you are made gay by a combination of your social environment and personal choices you have made for yourself. There are many cases of deviant sex practitioners learning the truth that they were not born that way and have entered therapy and become heterosexual, married and lived happily ever after. The psychiatric community labeled deviant sex as a "mental disorder" in the DSM-III. Of course, that was wrong because deviant sex practitioners are not mentally ill. Today psychiatrists have simply avoided the controversy for political reasons. Christians are the only ones left on the planet who will openly speak the truth that you are born heterosexual and learn to be deviant sex practitioner from the environment within which you were raised.

B. Experts say the label is more harmful than the disease!

  1. "biologically-impaired"
    Unfortunately what I also see these days are the casualties of this new biologic psychiatry, as patients often come to me with many years of past treatment. Patients having been diagnosed with "chemical imbalances" despite the fact that no test exists to support such a claim, and that there is no real conception of what a correct chemical balance would look like. Patients with years of medication trials which have done nothing except reify in them an identity as a chronic patient with a bad brain. This identification as a biologically-impaired patient is one of the most destructive effects of biologic psychiatry. (Against Biologic Psychiatry, Dr. David Kaiser, Psychologist, Psychiatric Times, December, Dec. 1996, Vol. XIII, Issue 12)
  2. "medically deviant"
    "Psychiatry redefines a great deal of normal human behavior as medically deviant by pathologizing people who are socially marginal in any way" (Pseudoscience in Biological Psychiatry, Colin A. Ross, M.D., & Alvin Pam, Ph.D., 1995, p. 228). 
  3. "Because there are no objective methods for detecting the presence or establishing the absence of mental diseases, and because psychiatric diagnoses are stigmatizing labels with the potential for causing far-reaching personal injury to the stigmatized person, the "mental patient's" inability to prove his "psychiatric innocence" makes psychiatry one of the greatest dangers to liberty and responsibility in the modern world." (Psychiatry: The Science of Lies, Thomas Szasz, 2008 AD, p 3)


  1. The damage done by the psychiatry industry in mislabeling "mentally ill people" "biologically-impaired" is huge.
  2. This label actually causes depression, anxiety, hopelessness, divorce and suicide!
  3. Science cannot identify what the genetic problem is in mental illness. It is purely theoretical!
  4. Science cannot prove there is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is entirely speculative!
  5. It is time to stop the damage that the psychiatry industry is causing when they label someone a misfit for life based entirely upon and every changing theoretical and speculative social science. Its time for people to wake up!
  6. Psychiatry damages society and individuals by making Myth into science when they tell you: "Sorry! You have a broken brain!"
  7. There is nothing wrong with the body of mentally ill people. They are suffering from a spiritual, emotional problem: "The only evidence that makes mental illness a disease "are the symptoms used by professionals to label someone mentally ill. But the symptoms used to diagnose someone as mentally ill (despair, hopelessness, sadness, anger, shame, guilt ...) are not biological markers. There is no evidence that these expressions are physical in nature. They all point to a hurting soul." (Ty C. Colbert, Rape of the Soul, Hour the Chemical Imbalance Model of Modern Psychiatry has Faded Its Patients, 2001, p. 237-238)
  8. Christians have the Bible that serves as a blueprint to spiritual happiness. One reason so many people are mentally ill today is because they believe they are the result of an evolutionary process with no purpose or meaning in life. Christians have a specific set of rules how to live and avoid mental illnesses with both hope and purpose. When Christians become mentally ill, they are possibly being disobedient to the pattern of lifestyle found in the Bible.


By Steve Rudd: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.

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