Lost profits and wasted Tax dollars "stress leave"
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Psychiatry damages society and individuals
The mental health system causes harm to both individuals and society as a whole.

Psychiatric sick leave:

From employees who take a few months off with "stress leave" to soldiers who fake PTSD, the cost is enormous! There are a large amount of mental patients presently being treated, at great public expense, who fake their disease because they want to be excused from the normal demands of life and conduct in exchange for pampering, pity and welfare. These people have calculated the upside of being labeled a mental patient, with the drawbacks. Being considered mentally ill is like a "get out of working again" Community Chest card from the game monopoly! It brings about a guaranteed income for life! It's the lottery number that never fails to win you "Cash for life". Employers are also being strapped with onerous labour laws that cost everyone money! When an employee with "a lot of bad stuff happening at home" goes to the doctor and requests a letter for "stress leave", they are actually invoking "mental health labour laws". The state makes it illegal to fire the faking employee that wants a few months off. Not only must the employer find and train a temporary replacement, they must keep the position for whenever the sick person suddenly gets better and wants their job back! Employers are not stupid and will likely wait 6 months, then fire the employee over something else. The employee complains that they got fired for a series of silly little reasons... when in fact they were slated for the chopping block the day they started their "sick leave vacation".


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