Psychiatry: IQ testing to cull evolutionary misfits!
Sterilization laws, eugenics, the holocaust, atheism, Darwinism

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Psychiatry is Junk science
Its fruits are IQ testing to establish Sterilization laws, eugenics, the holocaust, atheism, Darwinism and culling evolutionary misfits!


  1. The Psychiatry industry has a long history of inflicting suffering and destruction upon society. IQ Testing is another page in this destructive chapter.
  2. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has an ugly and dark origin in atheism, evolution, survival of the fittest, eugenics, Nazi Germany, the holocaust and the general idea that "evolutionary misfits" should be identified and removed from society.
  3. If you have taken an IQ test and are still alive, congratulations! You are considered smart enough in the eyes of atheistic psychiatrists to be allowed to live on the earth!
  4. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a concept everyone is familiar with. Chances are, you have taken some form of an IQ test in your life.

A. IQ Tests are bogus, subjective and inadequate:

  1. The "Quotient" part of "Intelligence Quotient" refers to the sum of many smaller tests in different areas of human excellence. The ideal is that all the areas that humans excel are identified and tested. The problem is, the identification is narrow and the tests are inadequate.
  2. Psychiatrists determine what "normal" is! "To create these [IQ] tests, psychologists determined what "normal" was by measuring the characteristics of thousands of people and then calculating an average and a normal range. In the same way that a normal range of temperature or rainfall can be calculated, so a normal range of intelligence, ability or behavior could be established. But psychologists have twisted this concept of "normal." Instead of referring to something quantitative and objective, it now refers to something qualitative and subjective. The original concept of "normal" as average has been replaced by the psychological one involving pathology. No longer does "normal" have to do with the common experience of people for psychologists have made normal such a narrow range that most people today are, by some definition or another, abnormal. Today "normal" is how psychologists think the world should be: how families should function, how couples ought to "enjoy intimacy," how one ought to "resolve conflicts.". (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 55)
  3. IQ does indicate one's ability to see patterns, use spatial reasoning, 3D rotation etc, problem solving.
  4. IQ tests do not test for musical instinct, creativity or social skills.
  5. IQ tests fail because someone may have difficult seeing patterns or making mathematical calculations, but be a genius like Dr. Laura Schlessinger in personal relationships. Someone may fail math (and the IQ test), but write and play the most beautiful music!

B. Origin of the IQ Test: Darwin's Cousin, Sir Francis Galton

  1. Before the mid-1800s, psychology had been the province of philosophers and theologians, carried out through speculation and inference, intuition and generalization. However, by mid-century, the scientific method, which had shown modest gains in the understanding of physical nature, began to be applied to human nature. Even at this early stage, the foundation for a consumer-based psychology was being laid. Two interesting examples can be found in the area of intelligence testing, one of the first entrepreneurial activities of psychologists. The first provides an example of the misuse of science to support a psychologist's political beliefs; the second, perhaps more subtle in nature and profound in its eventual effect, demonstrates the susceptibility of a psychologist to the dominant values inherent in his society. Sir Francis Galton, well known in the history of psychology and a cousin of Charles Darwin, sought to apply the theory of evolution to that of intellectual capacity. In 1869 he published Hereditary Genius, which held that eminent men have eminent sons; that is, that intellectual greatness is inherited. To "prove" his assumptions, Galton studied the ancestries of famous scientists, jurists, physicians and the like, individuals of genius and all members of the aristocracy. His ultimate goal was to encourage the production of the more eminent or mentally fit and to discourage the birthrate of those deemed unfit. Galton had not only wanted to understand the inherited quality of greatness; he also wanted to use psychology to protect and maintain the power of his social class that was under threat of change. Britain's position as a world power was being challenged. The dominant aristocratic class feared being replaced by the rising class of unsophisticated but wealthy financiers and industrial barons. In defense of political inequity, he declared: "The average citizen is too base for the everyday work of modern civilization" and all citizens are therefore not "equally capable of voting." This inequality carried with it social consequences which Galton made explicit: lower-class citizens should be treated with kindness only "so long as they maintained celibacy," but if they "continued to procreate children, inferior in moral, intellectual and physical qualities, it is easy to believe that the time may come when such persons would be considered as enemies to the State and to have forfeited all claims to kindness."' Under the guise of protecting society, he established the Eugenics Laboratory at University College, London, and founded an organization to promote ideas of racial improvement and the supremacy of the gifted. Manufacturing Victoms, Tana Dineen, (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 236)
  2. "In this sick environment, the notion of mercy-killing was put forward in 1920 in a book entitled The Release of the Destruction of Life Devoid of Value by Alfred Hoche, a reputable psychiatrist, and Karl Binding, a jurist. The authors advocated killing off "absolutely worthless human beings," pointing out that the money spent of spent on keeping them alive thus saved could be better used to better purpose—for instance, on helping a young married couple to set up house." (W. J. Federer, Great Quotations, Muggeridge, Malcolm Thomas, 2001)

C. The fruit of Psychology: culling evolutionary misfits:

  1. Sterilization laws: "As Hernstein and Murray note, regarding the United States: The first wave of public controversy occurred during the first decades of the century, when a few testing enthusiasts pro-posed using the results of mental tests to support outrageous racial policies. Sterilization laws were passed in sixteen American states between 1907 and 1917, with the elimination of mental retardation being one of the prime targets of the public policy. "Three generations of imbeciles are enough," justice Oliver Wendell Holmes declared in an opinion upholding the constitutionality of such a law. It was a statement made possible, perhaps encouraged, by the new enthusiasm for psychological testing." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 237)
  2. Eugenics: "Under the guise of protecting society, he [Sir Francis Galton] established the Eugenics Laboratory at University College, London, and founded an organization to promote ideas of racial improvement and the supremacy of the gifted. Manufacturing Victoms, Tana Dineen, (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 236)
  3. Marking the stupid: "Psychologists, while appearing to respond to a call for patriotism, were moving to assert themselves as essential to their society. By assuming the role of identifying and weeding out mental incompetents and disruptive individuals, psychologists were allying themselves with the stronger forces of government." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 246)
  4. Hitler was strongly influenced by Darwin's "survival of the fittest". The IQ test was a method that had been used before Hitler to identify these misfits. Hitler merely took Darwin at his word and exterminated over 12 million souls off the planet in his quest to create the "supreme race" on earth!


  1. Everyone has heard of the IQ test, but few realize it was originally developed to rid society of "Darwin" evolutionary misfits!
  2. The Psychology industry is responsible for the underlying philosophies and theories of Hitler's Holocaust.
  3. Psychiatrists provided scientific foundational theory for sterilization of people with low IQ's,
  4. IQ tests are highly flawed and only give a sliver of incomplete information on the true value of human life and real genius.
  5. Albert Einstein was a Jew and was asked to be the second President of Israel in 1952 but declined. Einstein would be the first to tell you that the only IQ test you need to pass, is if you believe in God!

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Einstein would be the first to tell you that the only IQ test you need to pass, is if you believe in God! (Now that he is dead and has met God in person)



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