TV Game show! "Beat that Testimony" of sin!

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You begin watching that famous TV program, "and now . . . welcome to BEAT THAT TESTIMONY!

You can just almost visualize that TV games how host with his painted-on, $64,000 grin saying . . . "Please greet our first "Beat That Testimony", contestant with a great round of applause ... here she is, Sister Suzie Creemcheez!"

The M.C. chitchats briefly, then Sister Suzie goes directly into her testimony. She tells us shocking, incredible things: "I was smoking dope at the age of two, dealing at two-and-a-half, got into harder stuff at age three, was an. alcoholic at three-and-one-half, became a Satanist at four, a biker-mama at five, and praise the Lord! I was finally saved shortly before my sixteenth birthday!! The M.C. says: "Let's hear your applause for Sister Suzie now and for our audience applause-o-me, . . . YES!! . YES INDEED!! . . . SHE HAS SCORED A NEW RECORD HIGH OF 99.763!!! WOW!!! WHAT A GREAT TESTIMONY!! WHAT A STORY!! Sister Suzie, we love you, God bless you, and come back again soon!!

Travel with me for a moment to another setting, to a hard core drug rehabilitation center with in a jail. These 100 or so guys are at least 90% all former gang leaders, street-fighters, ex-drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. Some had done pimping, armed robbery, you name it! They am not easily impressed by anybody or anything.

One day, the jail was open to visitors and an elderly "grandmother-type" lady stands up in the lunch room. She says; "Brothers, I want to testify this morning and praise the Lord for all He's done for me. Let me share my exciting testimony with you!" The brothers are polite, but probably say to themselves silently: "Hurry up, we've heard your type 1,000 times before.

She excitedly continues: "Brothers, I thank God because He has delivered me from so many terrible, terrible things. He's not only set me free from smoking pot popping pills, and sniffing glue, but also from many, many years as an enslaved drug addict, injecting and dealing heroin, cocaine, and speed!"

A few of he brothers are getting involved, and "warming up" to her spiritually, and they say aloud: "Amen, sister!" She continues, "I also want to thank God because He delivered me from being a hopeless alcoholic from the age of eleven on, drinking over a fifth of whiskey every day for five and one-half years!"

The brothers am starting to shake their heads in amazement, and a ripple of excitement runs throughout the lunch room. "Praise God" and a few more shout aloud as she continues. I also want to thank God for delivering me from a life of prostitution, as well as from being into homosexuality, child pornography, kidnapping adultery, white slavery, five divorces, armed robbery three consecutive life sentences in prison, extortion, counterfeiting, as well as being a witch, a psychic-healer, hypnotist, and a satanic high pint as well!"

By this time, the brothers are all praising God and shooting "HALLELUJAHS They're saying to themselves: "Boy, she ought to be on Beat That Testimony . . . she would blow them all away! Others are saying to one another, "Wow, man, this old lady, I mean she is REALLY HEAVY!! I mean, she is AWESOME . . . I mean, I never heard no testimony like this in my entire life!! Man, she is one heavy-duty sister!!"

The elder sister ties it all up and says: "My brothers, I want to thank my God and your God, my Jesus and your Jesus, because He has delivered me from ALL-L-L-L-L-L-L of these things without EVER EVEN HAVING TO GO THROUGH THEM! PRAISE GOD! You see, I was raised by born-again, Bible-believing, blood-washed, Spirit filled Christian parents who led me to a saving, personal knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Because of their love for Jesus and for me, and their continuing nurture of my faith, I grew up as a "turned-on, church-attending, praying, praising, worshipping, evangelizing Christian, walking close to the Lord all my life You see, I really was delivered from all of these terrible things ... and from a whole lot more ... without ever having to go through them!"

At this point, the brothers all stand up at once, breaking into even greater praise and a spontaneous round of applause for what the Lord had done for, and said through their elder sister!

They immediately realized that she really had the greatest testimony, far greater than any of theirs . . . one that tragically is all too often ignored or shuffled off to the comers of the church world. instead of being repeatedly proclaimed and promoted from our nation's pulpits.

If there ever indeed is a Christian TV show entitled BEAT THAT TESTIMONY, that lady and millions more like her (and perhaps like you!) are he undisputed all-time winners!

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