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"The church you can read about in the Bible!"

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"The church you can read about in the Bible!"

Our view of the Bible

  1. The Holy Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the only complete record of God's will for man on earth. It is understandable by the common man by simply reading it.
  2. Contained in the pages of the New Testament is a complete record of the first century church. This is the church for which Jesus Christ shed his blood, about which the Apostles preached and the church in which the early Christians were members. Wouldn't you like to learn more about this church that was established in 33 A.D.?
  3. We feel that the solution to the vast religious division, is for the Bible to be the only source of religious authority for worship, doctrine and morality. We believe that human creeds, catechisms and statements of faith cause religious divisions because they compete with the authority of the Bible and cloud people's ability to clearly see what the Bible actually says. Churches are not divided over what is in the Bible, but what is not in the Bible.
  4. Jesus likened the Bible to the seed in the parable of the sower. We believe that if anyone plants the pure seed of the word of God, that the seed will produce exactly the same “first century church” every time. 
  5. We are determined to be simply Christians. We have no ambition to be anything more and we cannot be content to be anything less. For this reason, we are not interested in man-made church doctrines but only in the New Testament blueprint. With the Bible as our only guide, we seek to find what that original church was like and restore it exactly.

Our way of life

  1. The Bible contains a complete blueprint or pattern for how we should live our lives.
  2. Many think the Bible is an outdated book unable to provide answers for today's modern world. Yet within the Bible there is a wealth of timeless information on every vital subject for personal happiness. The basic needs of men have not changed.
  3. Learning from the example of the life of Jesus. Asking questions about the purpose of life and finding answers. Applying the Bible to our lives.
  4. God's word is Bible medicine for hurting homes in a wicked world.

Our doctrine:

  1. We are trying to speak where the Bible speaks and to be silent where the Bible is silent, and to call Bible things by Bible names, and to do Bible things in Bible ways. Tit 2:1; 1 Corinthians 4:6; 2 John 9
  2. In essentials, we maintain unity. In opinions, liberty. And in all things, love.
  3. We are truly a non-denominational church that has no written standard of doctrinal authority other than the Bible.

Our worship:

  1. Our assembled worship procedures are simple, spiritual and orderly, keynoted by the words of Jesus, who said, "true worshippers shall worship in spirit and in truth." Jn 4:23. Each element of worship finds its origin in the commands and examples found in the Bible.
  2. Emphasizes the spiritual over the social.
  3. Engages in fascinating midweek Bible studies instead of merely having a social hour.
  4. We praise our divine savior Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our organization:

  1. We are an independent non-denominational, self-governing local church who earnestly desires to follow our divine savior Jesus Christ.
  2. Although we have no organization larger than the local church with no world headquarters, we have thousands of sister congregations all over the world. Click here to locate an assembly of Christians near you!
  3. There is no man or group of men, who legislate doctrine for the church. We have no one to answer to but Christ. He is the head of the church which leaves no room for any human head. We do have a body of men who oversee each local congregation called "elders or bishops or shepherds". These three terms are synonymous and refer to a single office in each local church. Click here for more.
  4. As was true in the first century, so also there is no inter-congregational organization, but rather independent congregations in different locations with Christ as Lord and Master. Our local churches are organized autonomously.
  5. Whereas denominations have a human creed or catechism to enforce unity, our unifying force is that each congregation uses the Bible alone without creeds.
  6. Because the church of the first century had no denominational name, neither do we. However, because the New Testament described the assemblies of Christians as "the church" Ephesians 1:22; "the churches of Christ" Romans 16:16; "the church of God" Acts 20:28 and many other descriptions, the "name on the sign" will always be one found in the Bible.
  7. Below is our local church building. The sign on the front says, "Christians Meet Here" on the side it says, "Doing Bible Things In Bible Ways".

How we are different:

  1. We are different from modern churches because we are the same as the church of the Bible.
  2. We are not inter-denominational but completely non-denominational!
  3. It is our desire to wear no other name than Christ's and to be known simply as Christians, members of the body of Christ.
  4. We are people of a restoration spirit who want to restore, in our time, the original New Testament church.
  5. While each denomination creates their own unique blueprint (human creeds and statements of faith) we call upon all to honor God's original blueprint found in the Bible.
  6. We emphasize that going back to the Bible does not mean the establishing of another denomination, but rather a return and restoration to the original church of the Bible.
  7. You too can be just a Christian and serve God without belonging to any denomination bound by no denominational laws or obligations. If such freedom appeals to you, please visit us!
  8. We invite you to investigate the Bible with us and join us in bringing unity to the religious world through the Bible's simple message apart from the creeds of men.


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