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 425 AD: John Cassian:

  1. For the nature of gluttony is threefold: first, there is that which forces us to anticipate the proper hour for a meal, next that which delights in stuffing the stomach, and gorging all kinds of food; thirdly, that which takes pleasure in more refined and delicate feasting. And so against it a monk should observe a threefold watch: first, he should wait till the proper time for breaking the fast; secondly, he should not give way to gorging; thirdly, he should be contented with any of the commoner sorts of food. For anything that is taken over and above what is customary and the common use of all, is branded by the ancient tradition of the fathers as defiled with the sin of vanity and glorying and ostentation. (John Cassian, Book V, Of the Spirit of Gluttony, Ch 23)
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    Here we have dietary rules for monks called, "
    the ancient tradition of the fathers". This is a perfect example of how post apostolic man-made rules directly contradict the teaching of the New testament that says the Christian can eat anything he likes, common food or the food of kings, as long as it is accepted with prayer and thanksgiving. 1 Tim 4:1-4 actually calls John Cassian's diet rules, "doctrines of demons ... who advocate abstaining from foods".


by Steve Rudd


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