Polygraph Vindicates Don Patton

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The Taylor Trail:
A series of 14 sequential human footprints on the same platform with at least 134 dinosaur tracks.

Glen Kuban has stubbornly opposed the Paluxy evidence, claiming that there are no human-like details and, at the same time, claiming the "notches" that suggest toes were manufactured. He has even claimed to have seen it done. I know that these claims are false. I emphatically deny them. He has also accused me of fabricating a rumor about him (that he intentionally damaged fossil tracks, destroying evidence). The charge is false, though I do suspect he is not innocent in the matter.

Approximately ten years ago I proposed a polygraph exam to one of Glen Kuban's co-workers who was complaining about the implications of material on our web site. I suggested that Kuban take a polygraph exam questioning him about his activities at the Paluxy, specifically, "Did you damage or deface any track evidence at the Paluxy?" "Do you have knowledge of anyone who did?" "Were you there when it happened?" "Were you complicit in any way?" I stated that if he did pass such an exam by a qualified examiner, I would pay for the test and pay him an equal amount for restitution and post a correction on the web site. I specified that a qualified examiner would be a member of the American Polygraph Association and licensed by the state.

I repeated the offer to Kuban face to face in the Paluxy riverbed in the year 2000 (He was disrupting our excavation efforts with his loud railing.) He was almost enthusiastic about the offer until he heard my specifications. Nevertheless, he promised me that he would take the test. Maybe he did. If so, I haven't heard about it and he certainly hasn't asked for my reimbursement. That was seven years ago.

I was thoroughly disgusted with his comments circulated recently and determined to take the initiative. I searched and found what appears to be the most experienced, qualified polygraph examiner in the Dallas area. I paid the $500 and took the test. I suggested using the questions Kuban posted recently. The examiner made minor adjustments for preciseness and inclusiveness.

I suggested several more specific questions but he said that it would be best to stay with the basic questions Kuban suggested and assured me that the questions were worded in such a way that my specifics would be included.

The questions were as follows with my answers in parentheses.

Regarding your statements about the Paluxy evidence, do you intend to answer my questions truthfully? (Yes)

Did you ever misrepresent Paluxy evidence? (No)

Did you alter in any way evidence to make false conclusions at the Paluxy site? (No)

Have you intentionally lied about the evidence you found at the Paluxy site? (No)

The results were expressed by the examiner as follows.

"The testing format used with Mr. Patton was a Raskin or Utah Polygraph Testing Technique. This technique consists of three test charts and a number stimulus exam. The three test charts are numerically graded. The numerical hand scoring of the test results can produce scores at a level of, positive six (+6) or greater, indicating the polygraph subject is consider to be truthful, or No Deception Indicated {NDI}. A score of negative six (-6) or greater would indicate a score result of, Deception Indicated {DI}. Scores falling between positive six and negative six are considered inconclusive."

"After three test charts and a number of stimulus tests were administered an analysis of the polygraph charts was made and in my professional opinion Mr. Patton is being truthful in all his answers to the relevant test questions. I would also conclude based on the polygrams that Mr. Patton did not alter any evidence at the Paluxy site, nor has he developed any false conclusion about the site. Mr. Patton's test charts were numerically graded using a Raslin or Utah Technique, producing a positive fourteen (+14). This score is well within the limits of being considered truthful or No Deception Indicated polygraph subject."

The exam was conducted by Joe D. Morris, Polygraph Examiner,

Texas State License #809

PO Box 118285, Carrollton, TX 75011-8285

His credentials and experience are detailed on his web site.


Mr. Morris has cautioned me about my offer to pay for Kuban's test. He warns that there are inexperienced and unscrupulous examiners. He suggested adding the qualifications of 10 years experience and an advanced accredited degree. I do so amend my offer. Mr. Morris did say that he would be glad to examine Kuban, in which case all the qualification would be met.

Don R. Patton

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