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Deceptive quote: Secular

Give false impression that anti-Trinitarians are exempt from comments

Alpha encyclopedia, French

What Jw's Quote

"Most religious traditions or philosophical systems set forth ternary [threefold] groups or triads that correspond to primeval forces or to aspects of the supreme God." (Alpha, French encyclopedia)

Our comment

A completely misleading quote because Arians are included within "most religious traditions"! From a Hindu perspective, there is little difference between Trinitarians and Anti-trinitarians! This quote applies to equally to Trinitarians and Jw's! The Watchtower view of God is a group of three! The almighty "Top God", the Created "demi-god" Jesus and the "force of God" that transcends the universe, the Holy Spirit.

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Written By Steve Rudd, Used by permission at:

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