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Accurate quoting but, Self-quoting: Self-Quoting: Christadelphian-like

No need to misrepresent the opinions of one of their own! But it is deceptive to mention that a misquote is from a Trinitarian but not tell you when they are quoting from a fellow Arian.

Buzzard, Anthony: Who is Jesus?

What Anti-Trinitarians quote:

". . . we shall find not a hint that Jesus believed himself to be an uncreated being who had existed from eternity. Matthew and Luke trace the origin of Jesus to a special act of creation by God when the Messiah's conception took place in the womb of Mary. It was this miraculous event which marked the beginning—the genesis, or origin of Jesus of Nazareth" (Who is Jesus?: Anthony Buzzard, anti-Trinitarian with Christadelphian-like views)

Who is Jesus? Anthony Buzzard "The Old Testament is a strictly monotheistic. God is a single personal being. The idea that a trinity is to be found there or even in any way shadowed forth, is an assumption that has long held sway in theology, but is utterly without foundation."(Who is Jesus?: Anthony Buzzard, anti-Trinitarian with Christadelphian-like views)

What they fail to tell you:

Anthony Buzzard is very close in theology to the Christadelphians who deny the Trinity, deny Incarnation, teach Logo-theology that the "thoughts of God became flesh" is the correct way of interpreting Jn 1:1-14. Buzzard retains the Christadelphian view that it is sin for Christians to go to war, but should be conscientious objectors instead and let others to the fighting.

Deception Exposed:

To quote Anthony Buzzard as proof that trinity is unbiblical, without telling the reader that the guy is a close to a Christadelphian, fails to signal the reader that it is an act of self quoting! Asking Buzzard's opinion about trinity is about as believable and authoritative as asking the Pope which church is right! Buzzard, to his credit, is not a modernist, and accepts the inspiration of scripture.

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Written By Steve Rudd, Used by permission at:

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