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Deceptive Quote: Trinitarian

Misrepresents what Hase actually says.

Hase, Charles: A History of the Christian Church

Quoted by Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, leader of "The Way International" cult, in his book: "The Origin of the Three-in-One God.

Wierwille misrepresents Hase by inferring that Hase says that the Christian faith was quickly corrupted by pagan converts. Hase does not assert this, and especially does not say the Trinity a pagan doctrine.

(Charles Hase, A history of the Christian church; translated from the 7th and much improved German edition by C.E. Blumenthal and C.P. Wing. New York : Appleton, 1866. pp. 53-71.)

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Written By Steve Rudd, Used by permission at:

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