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Deceptive Quote: Trinitarian

Quote is used to project the false impression that Constantine is the one who ushered the "pagan Trinity Doctrine" into the church. A careful reading of the quote shows that is not what the author is saying!

Henderson and Buck, Charles: Theological Dictionary, 1852

Quoted by Anti-trinitarians

"Whatever may have been the true character of Constantine's conversion to the Christian faith, its consequences were of vast importance both to the empire and to the Church of Christ. It opened the way for the unobstructed propagation of the Gospel to a wider extent than at any former period of its history. All impediments to an open profession of Christianity were removed, and it became the established religion of the empire. Numerous, however, in various points of view, as were the advantages accruing to it from this change, it soon began to suffer from being brought into close contact with the fostering influence of secular power. The simplicity of the Gospel was corrupted; pompous rites and ceremonies were introduced; worldly honours and emoluments were conferred on the teachers of Christianity, and the kingdom of Christ in a good measure converted into a kingdom of this world." (Theological Dictionary, by Henderson and Buck)

The deception identified

  1. Anti-Trinitarians not only misrepresent Henderson and Buck, they misrepresent the facts of history! They use this quote to project the false impression that Constantine is the one who ushered the "pagan Trinity Doctrine" into the church. In fact, 100% of the theological terms, discussion and arguments regarding trinity existed BEFORE Constantine even became emperor! That is the fact of history.
  2. But look at the quote! Notice the cause and effect. Constantine "opened the way for" corruptions. Henderson and Buck are saying that Constantine opened the door to a corruption of doctrine. But the problem is that Constantine's arrival on the scene was far to late to be the source of trinity doctrine, for the debate had been raging for decades BEFORE Constantine. The "corruptions" of the context are not trinity at all, but things like Christmas, elevation of and prayers to Mary etc.

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