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False Dilemma: World Religion: Jewish Rabbi

JW's project the false view that they would have an easier time converting Jews to Watchtower view of God, (where they call Jesus Lord, a God, and Messiah) than Trinitarians to the Triune God.

Hertz, Dr. J. H.: The Pentateuch and Haftorahs

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  • "This sublime pronouncement of absolute monotheism was a declaration of war against all polytheism . . . In the same way, the Shema excludes the trinity of the Christian creed as a violation of the Unity of God." (The Pentateuch and Haftorahs", J. H. Hertz, 1941, Vol. 1, p. 215, a rabbi, as quoted in, Should you believe the Trinity?, Watchtower publication)
  • At Exodus 3:14 (KJ) the phrase "I AM" is used as a title for God to indicate that he really existed and would do what he promised. The Pentateuch and Haftorahs, edited by Dr. J. H. Hertz, says of the phrase: "To the Israelites in bondage, the meaning would be, 'Although He has not yet displayed His power towards you, He will do so; He is eternal and will certainly redeem you.' (The Pentateuch and Haftorahs", J. H. Hertz, 1941, Vol. 1, p. 215, a rabbi, as quoted in, Should you believe the Trinity?, Watchtower publication)

Our comment

Jewish Rabbi's share a common desire to dispel any connection with the "I Am" of Jehovah in Ex 3 and the "I Am" of Jesus in John 8:58. The fact remains that when the Watchtower searched long and hard enough, they finally found a Rabbi that would say what they wanted. We could quote a pile of Rabbi's who are honest enough to admit that Ex 3 should be rendered "I am who I am"... "I am"

Deception Exposed:

For Arians (JW's, Christadelphians) to appeal to Jewish Rabbis to support their false doctrine is nothing short of incredible! Doing such is as dishonest as it is deceptive! JW's have not comprehended that if they had the Governing Body themselves sit down and explain their view of God (Father-true God, Son-a god and Holy Spirit-the force or energy of God) Jewish Rabbis would reach for the "wooden stake" and immediately label JW's as TRINITARIANS or TWINITARIANS! Stated differently, from the perspective of Jewish Rabbis there is NO REAL DIFFERENCE between the Trinitarian view of God and the Arian (JW's) view of God. Jewish Rabbis, when they hear JW's call Jesus God and divine, would label them as POLYTHEISTS! The Governing Body really blundered when they chose this route! We dare JW's to explain their view of God to this Jewish Rabbi and ask if he would call it polytheism!

The fact remains that the title theos, is clearly applied to Christ proving that Jehovah's Witnesses make a deceptive argument as Lohse states: "Speaking first of the person of Jesus Christ ... In other passages of the New Testament the predicate "God" is without a doubt applied to Christ.' With these affirmations, which for Jewish monotheism were utterly offensive." (A Short History of Christian Doctrine, Bernard Lohse, 1966, p37-39)

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Written By Steve Rudd, Used by permission at:

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