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Deceptive Quote: World Religion: Jewish Rabbi

JW's project the false impression that Jews are more easily converted to the Watchtower view of Jesus than the Trinitarian view because of the deity of Jesus.

Jocz, Jacob: The Jewish People and Jesus Christ

What Anti-Trinitarians quote:

"It is at this point that the gulf between the Church and the Synagogue opens before us in all its depth and significance. . . . The teaching of the divinity of Jesus Christ is an unpardonable offence in the eyes of Judaism." (The Jewish People and Jesus Christ, 1979, Jacob Jocz)

What they fail to tell the same article also says:

The missionary motive therefore cannot be the extension of Church but the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The profession that Jesus Christ is Lord is the distinctive mark of the Church and is tested in a particular and drastic way when face to face with Judaism: here as nowhere else Church and mission coincide. (The Jewish People and Jesus Christ, 1979, Jacob Jocz, p15)

It is a matter of fact that a bridge theology spanned between the two faiths always means a compromise for the Church on the basic issue, namely the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Confrontation with the Synagogue therefore always forces us back upon the central problem: What is meant by "Christianity"? (The Jewish People and Jesus Christ, 1979, Jacob Jocz, p33)

In closing this essay we sum up: In confrontation with Judaism the Church rediscovers her-self. In the last resort, the issues between them do not turn on matters of metaphysical niceties. Concretely, the dividing line between Church and Synagogue is the person of Jesus Christ. To the question : Who is Jesus of Nazareth? Judaism and Christianity give two opposite answers. In the difference of the answer lies their difference. Whenever the Church offers a more "Jewish" answer, the Lordship of Jesus Christ becomes a special issue. The moment we profess Jesus Christ as Lord a missionary situation is created. (The Jewish People and Jesus Christ, 1979, Jacob Jocz, p47)

Our comment

For Arians (JW's, Christadelphians) to appeal to Hindus, Jews and Muslims to support their false doctrine is nothing short of incredible! Doing such is as dishonest as it is deceptive! JW's have not comprehended that if they had the Governing Body themselves sit down and explain their view of God (Father-true God, Son-a god and Holy Spirit-the force or energy of God) Hindus, Jews and Muslims would immediately label JW's as TRINITARIANS or TWINITARIANS! Stated differently, from the perspective of Hindus, Jews and Muslims there is NO REAL DIFFERENCE between the Trinitarian view of God and the Arian (JW's) view of God. Hindus, Jews and Muslims would label both views as POLYTHEISM! The Governing Body really blundered when they chose this route! We dare JW's to explain their view of God to Hindus, Jews and Muslims and ask if they would call it is polytheism!

Deception Exposed:

  1. We accept Jocz's point about the divinity being an obstacle for Jews.
  2. But anti-Trinitarians failed to notice that Jocz's said that the primary conflict lied not only in the deity of Christ, but the LORDSHIP of Christ.
  3. All anti-Trinitarians accept the Lordship of Christ... regardless if they water down the meaning of that Lordship!
  4. The fact remains that the title theos, is clearly applied to Christ proving that Jehovah's Witnesses make a deceptive argument as Lohse states: "Speaking first of the person of Jesus Christ ... In other passages of the New Testament the predicate "God" is without a doubt applied to Christ.' With these affirmations, which for Jewish monotheism were utterly offensive." (A Short History of Christian Doctrine, Bernard Lohse, 1966, p37-39)
  5. The deception is to project the false impression that Jews are repulsed by Trinitarian theology, but would be attracted to Arian (Jehovah's Witness) theology because they are Anti-Trinitarian. In fact the larger hindrance is the Lordship of Christ! The quote is utterly deceptive!

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Written By Steve Rudd, Used by permission at:

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