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Satanic Quote: Christianity Trasher

It is dishonest is it to quote from Wells that trinity is pagan, when the same author trashes Jesus as our saviour.

Wells, H.G.: Short History of the World

What Anti-Trinitarians quote:

  • "There is no evidence the Apostles of Jesus ever heard of a trinity" [H. G. Wells, Outline of History, 1920 Edition, p 499]." quoted by anti-trinitarians
  • "The writer is of opinion that the Council of Nicaea, which forcibly crystallised the controversies of two centuries and formulated the creed upon which all the existing Christian churches are based, was one of the most disastrous and one of the least venerable of all religious gatherings. ... The systematic destruction by the orthodox of all heretical writings, had about it none of that quality of honest conviction which comes to those who have a real knowledge of God; it was a bawling down of dissentions that, left to work themselves out, would have spoiled good business. ... A large majority of those who possess and repeat the Christian creeds have come into the practice so insensibly from unthinking childhood that only in the slightest way do they realise the nature of the statements to which they subscribe. They will speak and think of both Christ and God in ways flatly incompatible with the doctrine of the Triune deity upon which, theoretically, the entire fabric of all the churches rests. ... By faith we said of that stuffed scarecrow of divinity, that incoherent accumulation of antique theological notions, the Nicene deity, 'This is certainly no God.'" (God the Invisible King, H. G. Wells, as quoted by anti-Trinitarians)

What they fail to tell the same article also says:

Speaking of the Crucifixion of Christ: "It was inevitable that simple believers should have tried to enhance the stark terrors of this tragedy, foolish stories of physical disturbances similar to those which had been invented to emphasize the conversion of Gautama. We are told, that a great darkness fell upon the earth, and that the veil of the temple was rent in twain; but - if indeed these things occurred, they produced not the slightest effect upon the minds of people in Jerusalem at that time." (H. G. Wells, The Outline Of History, Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind, 1922, p509)

Our comment

Wells is a prolific writer of many books, but one thing rings through, he is a Bible skeptic and a modernist who is not a Christian.

Deception Exposed:

It is dishonest is it to quote from Wells that trinity is pagan, when the same author trashes Jesus as our saviour, unless you tell the reader all these facts.

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Written By Steve Rudd, Used by permission at:

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