"Hostile Witness Approach"

Satanic Quoting practices exposed!

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"Hostile witness approach" misused by the Watchtower in:
"Should You Believe in the Trinity"(Watchtower booklet)
A quick short summary!
Top Ten List: "Worst of the worst" of satanic quoting in the booklet! When a Jehovah's Witness reads our top ten list, they either conclude the Watchtower organization engages is satanic quoting practices, or become dishonest themselves!


I. Understanding the Hostile Witness approach to powerful and effective quoting:

Creationists are hammering Evolutionists!

Evolutionists hate it when one of their own admits some element of evolution theology is flat wrong. Creationists will quote this guy with glee, because a fellow evolutionist had admitted a problem with evolution theology!

Dr. Don Patton Ph.D. is both a master and a pioneer in using the "hostile witness" approach to debunk evolution theology that we all came from a blob in the sea over millions of years.

Jehovah's Witnesses, have recognized the power of the "hostile witness" approach to debunking Trinitarian theology. They published a booklet called, "Should you believe in the Trinity" which is a collection of almost 100 different quotes from Trinitarians who seem to come right out and admit that Trinity doctrine was borrowed from the pagans and is false doctrine contrary to the Bible.

While Dr. Don Patton Ph.D. has a flawless record for accurately quoting evolutionists in proper context without misrepresenting them, Jehovah's Witnesses use of the "hostile witness" approach amounts to satanic deception. Here is why.

Dr. Don Patton Ph.D. comes right out and tells his audiences, "This quote comes from a staunch believer in evolution. He is not a creationist and he doesn't believe in creation. Yet notice he admits one aspect of evolution theology is invalid." The power of this approach is that Dr. Patton is quoting one of their own to refute them.

II. Jehovah's Witnesses misuse the "Hostile Witness Approach":

Jehovah's Witnesses quote about 10 different authors who come right out and say something like: "The origin of Trinity doctrine is entirely pagan." Sounds real powerful, especially since the one who made the quote is a Bible believing, born again, weekly church attending TRINITYARIAN. Or at least that is how they like to make it appear.

Here is the Satanic deception: EVERY SINGLE ONE of the men they quote who say Trinity is a pagan borrowed doctrine, are themselves anti-Christian, Bible trashing, liberal, modernist agnostics and atheists!

This is not the hostile witness at all! A hostile witness means that a fellow Trinitarian admits Trinity was borrowed from the Pagans. Had they been honest and said: "The scholar that says "Trinity is pagan", is not a Trinitarian. In fact he doesn't even believe the Bible and doesn't even believe in God... In fact in the very next sentence he says, "Not only is Trinity a pagan doctrine. but even Jesus borrowed all his parables directly from Buddhism." Jehovah's Witnesses make it appear the quote, comes from a "Good bible believing Christian scholar", but it in fact comes from a Bible trasher.

(Here is the Top Ten List of the worst of the worst of satanic quoting by Jehovah's Witnesses.)

Had they told you that the quote, in the same sentence trashes not only Trinity but also the parables of Jesus as being borrowed directly from Platonism, the reader would rightly burn the "Should you believe in the Trinity" as the garbage it really is.

Only through deliberately misleading the reader, can the Watchtower expect to with any converts to their "Trinity is pagan" tribe.

Again, not one of the authors who say trinity is borrowed from the pagans are Trinitarians. Every such quote in the "Should you believe in the Trinity" booklet are from faithless, Agnostic Bible trashing liberal modernists.


So both Dr. Don Patton (creationist) and Jehovah's Witnesses engage in the "hostile witness" approach, but only Dr. Patton is honest, because he tells you the quote comes from an evolutionist, not a creationist. JW's on the other hand, make you think the quote comes from a bible believing Trinitarian, when in fact the author is a Bible trasher!

Evolution vs. Creation debate:

Origins debate: Correct "hostile witness" approach: Dr. Patton quoting an evolutionist to refute evolution.

Origins debate: Deceptive quoting approach: If Dr. Patton quotes a creationist to refute evolution, but allows the audience to believe the author was an evolutionist.

Trinity Debate:

Trinity debate: Correct "hostile witness" approach: Jehovah's Witnesses quote Trinitarians who say Trinity is pagan origin.

Trinity debate: Satanic quoting approach: Quote from someone who not only believes trinity is borrowed form the pagans, but the whole of Christianity as well, but allowing the reader to think the author is a Bible believing, church attending, born again Trinitarian, who is honest enough to admit trinity is pagan.

This is satanic deception at its worst!

Jehovah's Witnesses need to find someone other than Bible hating liberal modernist atheists who will say trinity is a doctrine borrowed from the pagans. Let them find even one true Trinitarian who would dare say such!



Top 10 List

Start here: A quick short summary! Top Ten List: "Worst of the worst" of satanic quoting in the booklet! When a Jehovah's Witness reads our top ten list, they either conclude the Watchtower organization engages is satanic quoting practices, or become dishonest themselves!




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 Written By Steve Rudd, Used by permission at: www.bible.ca

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