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International Atheist Alliance Conference, March 30th, 2002
Harvey Hotel, DFW, Irving, Texas

Debate between Dr. Don Patton (scientist, Christian) and John Blanton, (atheist, evolutionist, humanist, Bible skeptic)

Review of Debate:

Dr. Patton affirmed that the facts of geology are more compatible with creation than evolution. His presentation was as scientific as it was precise, John Blanton (affirming the opposite) rambled irrelevantly off topic by discussing the Bible, while Patton only discussed science. The few times John Blanton did in fact discuss science in his lectures, he was so ill informed that even one of his fellow- atheist/evolutionist colleagues admitted to Dr. Patton privately, that Patton won the debate hands down.

John Blanton falsely accused Patton of misquoting most of his scientific references. (This statement by one of John Blanton's colleges, (who remained an evolutionist after the debate, but admitted Don Patton won the debate, is another excellent example of the "hostile witness" approach.) Patton clearly refuted the ridiculous charge of misquoting, by first pointing out that Blanton was so ill prepared to debate Patton, that he didn't even understand the concept of the "hostile witness". When Patton challenged Blanton for a single example of misquoting the original sources, Blanton, typical of his style, merely restated the charge while offering no proof in an effort to create slur and slander against Patton. Blanton lives by the rule, "If you say something false enough times, people will begin to believe it." We find this as dishonest as it is unprofessional.

Blanton also stated that Patton has no formal training in geology and accused Patton of having a fake degree. When he was later directed to our page that details Dr. Patton's credentials, he called Patton a lair. When Key authentic original documents were presented to Blanton, he accused Patton of forging these documents to support, "his phony degree". Blanton actually contacted Jan Williamson, believing this person to be as fictitious as the letter. To Blanton's horror, Jan Williamson verified the letter was authentic as well as the accreditation of the school where Patton earned his Ph. D. Rather than withdraw the charge as false and unsubstantiated, John Blanton, continues to this day with his slanderous accusations. Again, Blanton lives by the rule, "If you say something false enough times, people will begin to believe it." Or "throw enough mud and people will look dirty."

In the end, it was an unfair debate because Blanton admitted he had no formal scientific training in Geology or the fossil record, while Patton is a University trained Geologist who has earned a living working around the world as a consulting Geologist.

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Part 1
1 hour

  1. Don Patton. Ph. D., (real scientist), speaks for 20 minutes
  2. John Blanton, (skeptic) speaks for 20 minutes
  3. Don Patton speaks for 10 minutes
  4. John Blanton speaks for 10 minutes (see part two for remainder of his 10 minutes).



Part 2
1/2 hour

  1. John Blanton continues from part 1
  2. Dr. Patton speaks for 5 minutes
  3. John Blanton speaks for 5 minutes
  4. 20 minutes questions from audience. 



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Don Patton vs. John Blanton evolution/creation debate: 90 Minutes

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An important message from Dr. Patton regarding these quotes:
I use most of these quotes as handouts to provide documentation for my lecture series. They were not intended to stand alone as arguments by themselves. However this web site ( convinced me that they could be useful as a reference tool, especially for those who attend the lectures, and I agreed. I commented at the time that some of the quotes would not make sense without the lecture. A few (two) have charged that a small number of these quotes misrepresent the intent of the context. When the charges were investigated, it was discovered, sure enough, if they had heard them used in the context of the lecture, they would have seen that the use was appropriate. It should be remembered that we are not quoting these individuals to imply that they are creationists. Rather, just the opposite. We are using them as antagonistic witnesses. When such individuals acknowledge facts contrary to their own interest, the credibility of their testimony increases dramatically. We want you to know that these individuals are devout evolutionists. It should also be remembered that the quotes are used as graphics in a lecture. It is easy to defeat the purpose of effective communication by too much detail in the graphic. A longer excerpt might be desirable but ineffective. This practical challenge is one of the reasons documentation is provided in the form of a handout, which allows one to check the entire book or article referenced. If you feel that any of the quotes are used in a "deceptive and misleading" way, please contact the webmaster a formal inquiry will be made of your concerns. We are not afraid to admit error and make changes.

Dr. Don R. Patton



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