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Worshipping on 1st Day

The example of Jesus and early Christians.



Click to ViewJesus, our example, kept the weekly Sabbath holy, but this doesn't prove we should keep the Sabbath today, because Jesus also kept animal sacrifices. If Jesus' example proves we must keep the Sabbath, then it also proves we should keep animal sacrifices.

Click to ViewJesus broke the Sabbath without sin in John 5:18. This proves the Sabbath was not a moral law but a ceremonial one.

Click to ViewOnly 11 Events in the Ministry Jesus are recorded to have happened on "the Sabbath" out of possible 150 Sabbaths. Hundreds of events are recorded over the three year ministry, but only 11 of these are on the Sabbath. In fact the Gospels record almost as many events happening on the first day of the week in the 40 days after the resurrection, as in the 3 years before!

Click to ViewThe disciples kept the Sabbath "according to the commandment" the day after Jesus was crucified doesn't prove we must keep the Sabbath today!

Click to ViewAnanias is not an example of someone who kept the Sabbath

Click to ViewSabbatarians falsely teach that Apostle Paul kept the Sabbath 84 times. Paul was preaching to unbelieving Jews in a totally Jewish synagogue and was not even meeting with Christians.

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News Flash!!!
Click to View"Seventh-day Adventist pastor fired for "Sunday keeping" over 84 times!"

Click to View Sabbatarians actually believe that Angels keep the Sabbath in heaven with God!

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"you are seeking to kill Me, a man who has told you the truth" Jn 8:40
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