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The Record of History
History proves Christians always met on 1st Day and not the Sabbath, right back to the apostolic age. (33 A.D.)



New book on Sabbath vs. 1st day worship history: read now
Sabbath and Sunday in Early Christianity by Dr. David W. T. Brattston



Irrefutable proof:

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Click to ViewProof early Christians worshipped on the first day AND NEVER keep the Sabbath!

Click to ViewSeventh-day Adventists misrepresent history when they say the earliest Christians kept the Sabbath, when in fact they NEVER kept it.





The Historical Record!

The record of history, from the Resurrection of Christ, Christians have always worshipped on the first day of the week (Sunday) and never on the Sabbath (7th day). Sunday is not a Christian Sabbath or a day of rest, or a holy day to be kept. It is the day God requires all Christians to gather together to worship and eat the Lord's Supper (communion, break bread) Acts 20:7. Christians do not keep the ten commandment law of Moses. This is not to say that Christians are free to steal, murder and commit adultery, just because the 10 commandments have been abolished. No! Christians are under a new law, a better Law, the law of Christ, (Gal 6:2) a better covenant (Heb 8:6-7).

The 10 commandment law including the requirement to keep the Sabbath day were abolished at the cross along with all the rest of the law of Moses. God gave a covenant at Mt. Sinai through Moses to the Jews. It is called the first/old covenant/testament. The ten commandments are the foremost visible representation of this first/old covenant was replaced by a new covenant called, among other things "the law of Christ". 100% of the old covenant was abolished. No part of the Old Covenant remains in force. No one prior to Moses (Abraham or Adam) ever heard of the Sabbath law much less kept it. The very first time that anyone was commanded to keep the Sabbath was in Exodus 16. The word "Sabbath" is not even found in the book of Genesis. Gen 2:2-3 was written by Moses to tell Jews at Sinai the meaning behind WHY they were to keep the Sabbath, NOT WHEN the Sabbath was instituted.

The first historical record of methodical Sabbath Keeping by Christians who stopped worshipping on the first day of the week, was two active Anabaptist leaders, Andreas Fisher and Oswald Glait, became the pioneer and promoters of the Sabbath in 1527 AD. Both were former priests who had sacrificed the priesthood to become first Lutherans, and then Anabaptists. Glait and Fischer, who had been taught the false doctrine of the Catholic and Lutheran churches, that Sunday is the Sabbath, were astonished to read in the Bible that the Sabbath was indeed the 7th day! When they began to teach this, theologians were sent to persuade them to abandon what they called the "Jewish Sabbath." Both of them suffered a martyr death, largely due to their Sabbatarian views. Sabbatarians owe a debt of gratitude to these Sabbath pioneers whose work later influenced the origin of the Seventh-day Baptist church. The latter (Joseph Bates) has been instrumental in helping the early Adventists and other Christians to rediscover the Sabbath. Historically, it was in 1844 the first Seventh-day Adventists (known then as Millerites) started keeping the Sabbath, introduced to them by Joseph Bates (a member of the Christian Connextion Church which was was part of the Christian Church, Stone/Campbell movement, who convinced their Methodist minister that the Bible teaches us to keep the Sabbath. But Seventh-day Adventists are convinced that God chose Ellen White and the modern Seventh-day Adventist movement as the medium through which to reveal and confirm this "truth" through direct inspiration and revelation. Although Adventists believe that a tiny unknown remnant has always kept the Sabbath day, (like the Seventh-day Baptist preacher mentioned above) only in the 19th century did God, through the Seventh-day Adventist church, restore in any measurable way, by direct revelation, the truth that the day Christians worship was Saturday.



Seventh-day Adventists have changed their mind 3 times as to the origin of the universal practice of Christians worshipping on the Sunday (first day). Although all three guesses are wrong, but each time they come closer to the truth: 33 AD by the Apostles!

Three wrong guesses, you're out:

The so called "inspired prophet" Ellen White originally claimed the Pope started "Sunday worship" White later changed her mind and said the Emperor Constantine introduced "Sunday worship" in 325 AD. Today, Adventists blame the interaction of Sunday worship on Christians in 135 AD and not the Pope or Constantine!

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Guess #1: the Pope introduced Sunday worship.

Click to ViewThe Roman Catholic Pope DID NOT change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday as Sabbath keepers falsely teach. Yes Catholics do claim they changed the Sabbath, but they also claim that Peter was the first pope! Sabbath Keepers reject the Catholic claim that Peter was the first pope, so they are in grave error for accepting the Catholic claim that the pope changed the Sabbath to Sunday!


Guess #2: It was Constantine in 325 AD.

Click to ViewConstantine (325 AD) DID NOT change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday as Sabbath keepers falsely teach. Christians never kept the Sabbath from the apostolic age (33 AD) through the time of Constantine (325AD). Constantine merely made the first "Sunday closure law", since it had already been the day Christians worship for 300 years!


Today's guess #3: Christians in 135 AD.

Click to ViewThe historical claims of Samuele Bacchiocchi, Seventh-day Adventist, refuted. Bacchiocchi is likely the top Seventh-day Adventist historian in the world. His search for the origin of "first day worship" has led him to reject the traditional position of his church, and his founding prophet, Ellen G. White who claimed "Sunday keeping" began with Constantine in 325 AD. His view, which is increasingly being adopted by the Seventh-day Adventist church, is that Christians in 135 AD were first to worship on the first day of the week.


The truth: Apostles in 33 AD introduced Sunday worship.

In addition to Acts 20:7 and 1 Cor 16:1-2, click here for irrefutable historical proof!

Click to ViewChristians DID NOT copy the "Sunday keeping" practices from the pagan religion of Mithraism as Sabbath keepers falsely teach. How could it? Mithraism didn't even have a "Sunday" celebration or gathering.

Click to ViewSabbath keepers falsely teach that worshipping on Sunday is Pagan because the very word SUNDAY originated with pagans who worshiped the Sun (SUN-day). If SUN-day implies "Sun worship" then SATUR-day implies worship of the planet "SATURN". All the days of the week were named after planets by the pagans!

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Click to ViewSunday worship is not of pagan origin!

Leo Schreven and other Seventh-day Adventists should be spanked for even quoting from these Bible trashers like The Paganism in Our Christianity, Arthur Weigall, because these same authors say BOTH Sunday and Sabbath are of pagan origin in the same books and articles! In fact we consider it dishonest to use Weigall's Sunday pagan quotes, without telling the reader that Weigall says the Sabbath is also of pagan origin! Bible trashers are the only ones Sabbatarians can find who say Sunday is of pagan origin!

Click to ViewHere are two comments from our history archive that prove the common view between 150 and 200AD was that the Patriarchs never kept the Sabbath!


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Officially, Seventh-day Adventist's teach that Sunday worshippers ARE THE Mark Of The Beast.
Click to ViewAdventists teach the MARK OF THE BEAST is the act of worshipping Jesus on Sunday! With the liberalizing and modernizing of the Adventist church, recent converts are either unaware, or unwilling to accept the current and historic position of their church!

Does Daniel 7:25 prove Sabbath keepers are the mark of the beast?
"He will make alterations in times and in law" (Daniel 7:25)


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