Bulla of Jerahmeel the king’s son

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Bulla of Jerahmeel the king’s son

"Archaeologists are digging up bible stories!!!"



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Archaeologists are digging up bible stories!!!

Archaeology is an important science that confirms the historical accuracy of the Bible. Since the Bible refers to hundreds of cities, kings, and places, we would expect to find evidence from on-site excavations. And this is exactly what we have found. The Bible is the most historically accurate book of history on earth. Read the Bible daily!



Encyclopedia of Bullae and Seals of Judea and Israel


Bulla "belonging to Jerahmeel the king’s son"


IV. The Bulla of Jerahmeel, the king’s son: Jeremiah 36:26, 605 BC




1.      “Belonging to Jerahmeel, the king’s son”: "And the king commanded Jerahmeel the king’s son, Seraiah the son of Azriel, and Shelemiah the son of Abdeel to seize Baruch the scribe and Jeremiah the prophet, but the Lord hid them." (Jeremiah 36:26)

2.      Notice again that Jerahmeel is directly connected with the story of king Jehoiakim burning the inspired scroll of Jeremiah.

3.      Jerahmeel would be the son of Jehoiakim, or another king of Judah who had already died.

4.      "This bulla (my thanks are due to Mr. J. Sasson for permission to publish this bulla) measures 12 x 10 mm. The oval borderline was slightly deformed at the upper left by pressure during the sealing. It has a two-line inscription divided by a double line. ירחמאל (yerahme˒el), the owner of this sealing, is to be identified with Jerahmeel the king’s son, who is mentioned in Jer 36:26. The expression ב ́המל֡ (bn hmlk), “the king’s son,” also occurs elsewhere in the Bible (1 Kgs 22:26, 2 Kgs 15:5, Jer 38:6, 2 Chr 28:7) and has been found on a number of seals and seal-impressions." (Baruch the Scribe and Jerahmeel the King’s Son, Nahman Avigad, Biblical Archaeologist, 42, 1979 AD)

 "The bulla of Yerahme’el, the king’s son, was found in the same collection of bullae as Baruch’s. Over 250 other bullae were in the collection, which trickled onto the antiquities market in small groups over a period of time. This of course raises the question of authenticity. Professor Avigad discounts the possibility of forgery for several reasons: Their damaged and burnt condition looked too genuine to be faked. Also, broken bullae from different lots obtained from different antiquities dealers could be joined, and bullae in different batches had been stamped with the same seal. The antiquities dealers who sold the bullae to private collectors told Avigad that the bullae were found somewhere in southern Judah. This is hogwash. The archive of documents to which these bullae were originally attached must have been located in Jerusalem. Names of ten government officials are included in the collection. It is unlikely that such a collection would have been found in any archive other than in Jerusalem. Their burnt condition belies the possibility that the documents to which they were attached had been spirited to safety prior to the conflagration of 587/586 B.C.E. that destroyed the city. I believe that these bullae were dug up illegally within the confines of seventh’ and sixth-century B.C.E. Jerusalem by smugglers supplying the antiquities trade." (Six Biblical Signatures: Seals and seal impressions of six biblical personages recovered, Tsvi Schneider, BAR, 1991 AD)


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