Official beliefs of

Church of God
(Seventh Day)

 Sunday worship because of Sunday Resurrection!

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Our Beliefs
The Church of God (Seventh Day) believes that . . .

Our Beginning . . .
The Church of God (Seventh Day) grew from the efforts of dedicated advent believers living in Michigan and Iowa in the late 1850's. In 1863, the Michigan church began to extend its influence into the eastern and central U.S. through a publication called The Hope of Israel. This magazine invited fellow Christians to assemble at conferences and camp meetings, and created interest in their distinctive doctrines: the second advent of Christ and the seventh-day Sabbath.

Through these means, the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) was organized in 1884 and incorporated in Missouri in 1899. Its offices were located in Stanberry, Missouri, until 1950, when they were transferred to Denver, Colorado.

Over the years, The Hope of Israel also moved from Michigan to Iowa, then to Missouri. After several name changes, it is now known as the Bible Advocate. After 133 consecutive years, this flagship publication of the Church continues to be published and mailed monthly from the Denver offices.

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