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Ten Shocking Bible Truths Sabbatarians have never heard

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Sabbath Keepers Refuted:

1.      Why Christians worshipped on the 1st Day! (Sunday)

2.      21 reasons why the first day of the week, Sunday is important to Christians.

3.      Stunning New Book Utterly refutes Sabbath keepers, Sabbatarians and the Church of God splinter groups and the Seventh-day Adventist church: Read now for free!

4.      All churches teach one of four positions on the day that Christians worship.

5.      Stumper Questions Sabbatarians don't like to be asked! Sabbatarians will be up all night, unable to rest on the sabbath, trying to solve truth problems.

6.      Formal debates: Sabbath vs. First day of the week

7.      The Record of History: History proves Christians always met on 1st Day and not the Sabbath, right back to the apostolic age. (AD 33)

8.      Early Christians Speak: The Historical Record! Christians always worshipped on the first day (Sunday)

9.      The example of Jesus and early Christians: Sabbath vs. First day Worship

10.  The 10 commandments are Abolished Today

11.  The Sabbath was abolished when nailed to the Cross: Col 2:14

12.  10 Commandments for Sabbatarians!

13.  Ellen G. White the Plagiarist Website!

14.  Controversy within the Seventh-day Adventist church (SDA)