The Expository Files

2005; Issues 12.1 through 12.12

January 12.1
Comments on Crisis-Preaching & Culture-Preaching  (The Front Page)  
"Who Is Able To Stand?"   (Revelation 7)                                           
Love Not The World  (1 John 2:15-17)                                       
The Baptism of Jesus    (Matthew 3:13-17)                                  
Take Heed How You See  (1 Timothy 4:13)                                    
Don't Worry, Be Happy  (Topic Page)                                        
The Plan of Salvation                                                                      
The Seed is the Word of God  (Final Page)                                 
February 12.2
Inspiration and Revelation (Front Page)
Sown in Weakness; Raised in Power!(1 Corinthians 15)
“They could Not Believe”: Why? (John 12:39)
If We Do What They Did (Acts 2:40-47)
"Stand in the Ways and See" (Jeremiah 6:16)
Objections To Baptism Answered (Topic Page)  
Plan of Salvation
Redemption of Time, Discovered In Purpose (Final Page)
March 12.3
Emotion, As A Test Of Fellowship (The Front Page)
"The Anointing"  In First John 2 (1 John 2)
Trust In The Lord  (Proverbs 3:5-6)
Hezekiah and Isaiah  (2 Kings 18:1-19; Isaiah 36-39)
The Divine Assembly (Matthew 18:20)
Me-Centered Religion  (Topic Page)
The Plan of Salvation
The American Teen and God  (Final Page)


April 12.4
Faith, Not Fantasy (The Front Page)
God Makes No Mistakes (Genesis 18:1-33)
The Mountain of the Lord's House (Isaiah 2:1-5)
"I Can Do All Things Through Christ" (Philippians 4:13)
Working Out Your Own Salvation (Philippians 2:12-16)
Were You Predestined To Read This Article? (Topic Page)
The Plan of Salvation
Today's Neglect Tomorrow's Emergency (Final Page)



May 12.5

Our Pilgrim Status (Front Page)
Survey of Joel (Joel 1:1-3:21)
If God is For Us... (Romans 8:28-31)
All that the Lord Has Spoken We Will Do (Exodus 19:1-8)
Where's A Man of God When You Need One (1 Kings 13:9)
The Punishment of Gehenna (Topic Page)
The Plan of Salvation
God is Not the Source of All Tragedy (Final Page)

June 12.6

Pattern (Front Page)
Waiting For The Lord  (Isaiah 40:30,31)
The Living Redeemer  (Job 19:23-27)
Maintenance  (Ecclesiastes 10:18)
Spiritual Balance  (Ecclesiastes 3:1)
Origins of Suffering (Topic Page)
The Plan of Salvation
Tuning To The Standard (Final Page)

July 12.7
A Sad Page In History (Front Page)
Justification – Grace – Redemption  (Romans. 3:24)
The Curse of Riches  (Ecclesiastes 5:10-17)
The God of Hannah  (1 Samuel 2:1-10)
The Demands of Discipleship  (Matthew 10:24-39)
Because I Believe (Topic Page)
The Plan of Salvation
Does Your Doctor Believe in God?  (Final Page)
August 12.8
Our Trip to the Oriental Institute (Front Page)
They Will Still Yield Fruit in Old Age (Psalm 71)
Working at the End (1 Peter 4:7-11)
Beware of Sinful Anger (Psalm 106:32-33)
What Manner Of Persons Ought We To Be? (2 Peter 1:5-11)
Why Do You Believe? (Topical Page)
The Plan of Salvation
Early Morning Attitude Choices (Final Page)
September 12.9
Incredible Arkansas Bats (Front Page)
The Limited Power Of The Wicked (Matthew 10:28 )
The Old Man and the New (Colossians 3:9-10)
Giving Account of Every Careless Word (Matthew 12:36-37)
The Unfathomable Power of God  (Ephesians 3:20-21)
Local Church Autonomy and Exposing Error (Topic Page)
The Plan of Salvation
He Arose (Final Page)
October 12.10

In the Days of Noah (Front Page)
The Calf of Gold (Exodus 32)
The Whole Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18)
The Wiles of The Devil (Ephesians 6:11)
When The End Comes (Jeremiah 14:11-16)
Baptism: A Pre-Christian History (Topic Page)
The Plan of Salvation
Learning To Love Your Neighbor (Final Page)

November 12.11

The Church of Apathy  (Front Page)
Paul's Call For Unity At Corinth  (1 Corinthians 1:10)
A Conversation Leading To Conversion  (John 1:43-51)
The Word of the Lord Shall Go Forth  (Isaiah 2:1-5)
"Now Concerning the Collection"  (1 Corinthians 16:1-2)
Water  (Topic Page)
Plan of Salvation
Theological Conservatism and the Supreme Court  (Final Page)

December 12.12
The Betrayer and the Betrayed (Front Page)
Creator (Genesis 1:1)
A Commentary on Galatians 6:1-10  (Galatians 6:1-10)
 The Lord’s Conflict Resolution Plan (Matthew 18:15-17)
 "So Far as I Was Able" (1 Chronicles 29:1-21)
A Christian's Carol  (Topic Page)
Plan of Salvation
A Guest Editorial (Final Page)