Fishing For Men Mt 13:44

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The metaphor of fishing examined

I. Bait: (what we offer or how we attract them)

A. Choosing an approach: chart: Grub or Gospel

  1. Attracting with bread: Jn 6
  1. Jesus way of attracting them:

B. Programs: What we specifically offer to them

  1. They send away for Bible study materials like tracts, outlines & cassette tapes
  2. Attending the assembly
  1. Evangelistic Small-group home Bible studies:
  2. One-one-one Bible studies: study sequence/film strips
  3. Bible Call program
  4. Bible correspondence course program

II. Fishing Line: (Getting The Bait To The Bass)

A. Printed or magnetic media:

  1. Medium:
  1. Distribution:

B. Electronic media

  1. Radio and TV
  2. Telecomputer
  3. The Interactive Bible

III. Setting The Hook (how they signal their interest)

A. Basic theory behind this process:

B. How they contact us

  1. by phone
  1. by mail
  2. personally

IV. Sorting Out The Good Fish From The Bad: Mt 13

A. names and phone numbers of 100 people what do you do?

  1. follow-up Critical key
  2. must make a personal contact: illustration: She married the mail man

B. follow-up is work:

Relative time for maturity







newspaper mail drop posters

1 month + money or manpower

2 years

2 months

1 year

1 year


1 day

2 years

2 months

1 year

1 year

V. Personal Approach

A. Methods:

  1. Door to door
  2. Personal Random Telephoning
  3. Fairs

B. Personal inviting:

  1. Those we know: chart: circle of 200
  1. Those Bump Into Along The Way: Chart: Lifestyle
  1. Creating Opportunity:

C. 50 attempts to establish dialogue will result in one prospect who holds promise

  1. Chart: Taking advantages of personal contacts
  2. Col 4:5-6 make the most of opportunity
  3. Lk 14:16-24 compel them to come in


Ask yourself this question:

If the person who invited you had the same attitude about inviting others as you now have, would you be a Christian today? If they were as active in soul-winning then as you are now would you be here?

Steve Rudd

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