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"And those who have insight will shine brightly,
like the brightness of the expanse of heaven;
And those who lead the many to righteousness,
like the stars forever and ever."
Daniel 12:3

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A Web site Devoted to Evangelism

"Fishers of men"

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"When I was a boy, I would sneak up to a house, ring the doorbell, then run like the wind! I must confess that I still do this, only today its called, OUTREACH TRAINING".
Click to ViewThe Parable of the Life-Saving Station

Chapter 1: Equipping The Saints

Click to ViewMetaphor of fishing for men expounded

Click to ViewStatistical review of religion in North America

Click to ViewCongregational Salvation Experience Survey

Click to ViewThe growing church vs. The dying church

Click to ViewTraditional churches reaching untraditional converts Converting undesirables!

Click to ViewReal Evangelism defined: Move-in's, Drop-in's, Born-in's & Drag-in's???

Click to ViewThe Key To Church Growth

Click to View5 Components Of A Growing Church

Click to View5 Barriers to church growth

Click to ViewA working plan for a local church

Click to ViewPraying And Looking For Seekers: A partnership with God

Click to ViewOverlooking The Women in Evangelism

Click to ViewMeasuring Your Commitment

Click to ViewSoul-winners information snap-sheet to track seekers

Personal Evangelism 101
By Brent Hunter

Table Of Contents:
Note: actual page numbers at right correspond to relative length of document on the net.

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Chapter 2: Tools Of Lead Generating

Click to ViewThe Power of the Personal Invitation A very important method of evangelism!

Click to ViewBiblical Evangelism: Biblical Guidelines to Effective Evangelism by Harold V. Comer. (September 1997)

Click to ViewUsing The Amazing Telecomputer

Click to ViewUsing Newspapers effectively Over 48 short articles!

Click to ViewUsing surveys effectively Several surveys to try!

Click to ViewRandom Telephone Soliciting WORKS! Several telephone scripts to try!

Click to ViewUsing posters effectively Here are many camera ready posters!

Click to ViewVarious examples of flyers There are 30 different flyers that are featured here that have actually been used!

Click to ViewFlyers on windshields of cars 5 can do 2500 cars in one hour!

Click to ViewDoor Knocking Several approaches.

Click to ViewOld Fashioned: "Meet your neighbor afternoon tea"

Click to ViewDirect mail advertising Ideas and extensive stats prove it work!

Click to ViewTV and Radio 60 second spots work best on large religious broadcasters!

Click to ViewHundreds of questions to use for Bible Quiz: Outdoor Summer Fairs and Home Shows Wow, are these effective and rewarding for the congregation.

Click to View. Here is a free 50 page book on how to run an outdoor summer fair bible booth and how to build the booth!

Click to ViewFood, Friends & Fun (the social approach to the gospel) This doesn't work!

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Chapter 3: Cultivating Mediums

A. Correspondence courses:

Click to ViewTheoretical overview of correspondence courses 15 Tips for running a successful correspondence course program

Click to ViewCorrespondence Course follow-up: The critical key to success

Click to View15 Tips for running a successful correspondence course program

B. Evangelistic, Small-Group Home Bible Studies

Click to ViewSmall-Group studies: Evaluating three different Formats

Click to ViewSmall-Group studies: Tips for success!

C. Gospel Meetings:

Click to ViewTwo types of Gospel Meetings: Edification Vs. Evangelistic

Click to ViewHow to get many visitors: Congregational Letter Writing Campaign

Click to ViewOutdoor Tent Meetings

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Chapter 4: Working With Seekers

Click to ViewFour Essential Truths

Click to ViewReading The Hearts Of Men

Click to ViewWisdom Towards Outsiders

Click to ViewAre You Guilty of Spiritual Child Abuse???

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This websight dedicated to Bill Tuggle, who for over 5 years, single-handedly published and underwrote, at his own personal expense, "Spreading the Word" magazine. Bill presently lives at 950 Glendale Lane, Nashville, TN 37204. Phone Number: 615-383-1655. "Spreading the Word" magazine was unique in that 100% of its content was devoted to evangelism related topics. The magazine is a tribute to Bill's personal love and zeal for the lost. If you look very carefully at the seascape below, you may even see Bill "fishing for men." Will you join him with me, along with Jesus Christ, in the most exciting "sport" in the world!

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"Fishing for Men."