Putting flyers on Windshields of Cars to save souls!

The Undiscovered Gold Mine!

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I have put more flyers on cars then almost anything else that requires my physical energies. I like to hit large malls at their peak times. I can do 1000 cars in 2 hours. It takes about 7 seconds per car. A team of five and do 2500 cars in an hour. That is a very large mall with a full surrounding parking lot that wraps all around.

Here is one I have used a lot! You can print 5 per page (8.5 X 11 letter size) and they are small and easy to handle in your hand. See the coupons section of this website for many more examples.

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You will get about 1-4 replies per 1000 cars. Be bold, work hard and smile! If you see someone in their car just sitting there, they see you coming! Just walk right up to their window and say, here, we are handing these out... and hand them one. Motion for them to roll down their windows!

Don't look for signs prohibiting such action. You are engaged in non-prophet work, with malls don't mind after the fact. Certainly don't waste your time contacting the mall office for permission. They will always say no! What did you expect? Just do the work, and go home and wait for the calls to come in.

Hit large malls, super markets, factory parking lots, car pool and train stations, ball parks, sports events. Anything that attracts large numbers of cars!

I will organize about 4-8 different cars for "evangelism Saturday" at 11 AM. Then I give each team of two a wack of flyers and send them in their cars to specific malls. It only takes less than an hour, then meet for lunch somewhere. Then at 1:30 PM, after lunch, the teams go out and hit the exact same malls a second time! New shoppers! The last group of shoppers have spent all their money and are broke and have gone home!

Steve Rudd

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