Meet Your Neighbour Tea

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Personal evangelism opportunities

My Wife and I actually tried this one year and it was a great success. We were able to meet as memory serves me, between 10-15 new neighbours who actually did come! This is not the social gospel approach. We merely used this to meet the neighbours.

Now remember, this was a personal work, in the wild west of Alberta! We lived in the heart of a city of 55,000 called Lethbridge, at the time. You cannot convert people who have never met!!!

Format: 5.5 x 8.5 inches portrait on blue paper

You're Invited to an Old Fashoned

Meet Your Neighbour Tea

Dear Folks,

We've lived in this quarter section for a while now and felt it was downright high time that we got to know the kin in this neck of the woods. Saddle up the whole herd and ride on over for a few minutes of what 'dem city folks call "social interaction".

Quarter Section: 1408 Ashgrove Rd

Date: Sunday, May 4, 1984

Time: 2-4 PM (or whenever yer done milk'n betsy)

Ma is cook'n up a mess of goodies so don't bring anything but yer yong 'uns. Just between you, me ... and the fence-post ... its gunna be a fun time! Drop in and visit us for a few minutes so that next time we happen to pass while plowing in the field we can say, "Howdy Pardner"!

(personally signed)

Steve Rudd
Daniel & Talitha

Steve Rudd

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