A Working Plan for local evangelism

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A general strategy for church growth

I. Eight Ingredients of a working congregational growth plan:

  1. A willing church
  2. Supportive leadership
  3. Daily Bible reading schedule
  4. Method of contacting
  5. Correspondence course
  6. Gospel study outlines
  7. Follow-up outlines
  8. Reliance upon God

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II. Congregational start-up checklist:

A. Preparatory stage: one month

  1. Leaders define a specific plan
  2. Begin congregational quiet time program:
  3. (Daily Bible reading & prayer)
  4. Specifically identify those willing to participate
  5. Prepare gospel study & follow-up outlines

B. Equipping Stage: two months

  1. Train members to teach follow-up outlines

C. Action stage

  1. Start system of lead generation of your choice
  2. Assign resultant one-on-one Bible studies to willing members

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III. Everyone in church can do at least one of these:

  1. Teach the gospel to non-Christians
  2. Baby-sit for those who teach
  3. Invite your friends to study with another
  4. Financially support the work
  5. Hand out enrollment coupons for BC
  6. Pray for the work

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IV. Dynamics of new converts working with older Christians

New converts

Seasoned Christians

Many excellent personal contacts

Most personal contacts long exhausted

Unable to teach

Able to teach

Example: John 1:41

Admonition: Hebrews 5:12

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V. The Canadian advantage:

"All across the country churches reported that they had a small group of "evangelistically minded" people who were busy working with others, sowing the seed. Many congregations spoke of some especially gifted individuals who had converted a good percentage of their new Christians (20% - 90%). Who were these talented soul-winners? Mostly new converts!" Vision Canada 1988

Steve Rudd

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